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Date/Time: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 06:26:17 +0000

Post From: Recommendations to Improve Overall Sierra Chart Performance

[2020-04-21 01:29:26]
Merlin - Posts: 80 | Ending Date: 2020-06-26 [Expired]
I am in the beginning stages of automating my trading system.
Please consider this suggestion for a way to improve automated system performance in high-volume conditions:

Currently each chart in Sierra has one setting for "Chart Update Interval in Milliseconds".
This controls both:
- How often each study is called,
- and how often the chart is redrawn.

As I understand it, the processing for redrawing the chart is quite expensive in CPU time.
I've seen many suggestions to set the chart update interval as high as feasible, in order to reduce CPU load.
But to reduce latency for an automated study, this page recommends setting the interval as low as 10ms:

I suggest making study calculation interval and chart update interval two separate settings.
For my automated study chart, I could set the study calculation interval to 10 ms, and the trading system would react quickly to fast market activity.
But the trader monitoring the system wouldn't need to see the changes nearly that often, so the chart update frequency could still be 250 or higher, reducing overall cpu usage considerably.
Would this be possible?

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