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Date/Time: Wed, 27 May 2020 05:08:03 +0000

Post From: Upcoming Data Feed Plans

[2020-02-29 14:19:53]
UserAR - Posts: 26 | Ending Date: 2020-08-28
This is great that you are looking to provide this new data feed. My suggestion is to focus on a single data feed vendor to support and go as fast as you can. I don't care which as long as it's tick level and stable. (i.e. Denali/Barchart/someone else) I'm fine if you stop supporting data feeds from the brokers (like IB) because they are substandard anyway. I just want execution through IB. If this is planned for September could you do a smaller release sooner? Pick one/two markets to launch first that are easier- US equities w/ market depth gets my vote :) Then have a phased rollout where you were be adding more markets and localized servers to those markets. Thanks and keep up the good work!