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Date/Time: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 21:13:10 +0000

Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2020-01-01 20:47:05]
Ackin - Posts: 666 | Ending Date: 2020-09-04
This SCH thread is for overview of new studies, it will lose clarity with descriptions of the requests..

Please, Register on the forum. If you signed up today, give me a few minutes (I see 12 new registrations today - maybe you too), I haven't been to the office all day and the registration process is manual.

Profile study: I need more info about this. I did a similar study some time ago.There is thread on the CZSK forum for the request on the new studies. It would be better send me more images or text descriptions there to avoid misunderstanding ... not here please...