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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 12:36:07 +0000

Post From: Charts not updating drawn lines from external source

[2019-12-07 07:40:23]
User953894 - Posts: 47 | Ending Date: 2020-04-01
I've compressed and uploaded one of the files I use.

I know that this should work. I started with flat files--which didn't work, then changed to .scid--and they still didn't work. We found that the scraping routine that we created did insert some stray erroneous records, but the programmer created a clean-up program to fix the errors--and the real-time read still didn't work. I have a trading group that I'm part of and one of the programmers created a similar process to collect data that runs on his server and he creates .scid files that he distributes in near-realtime using Dropbox. I subscribed to that data for a few months but even those files do not update on my charts even though there are about 100 other users for whom there is no problem.

You can see this is something that has been quite frustrating and I'm hoping you can help.
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