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Date/Time: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 23:17:21 +0000

Post From: bids offers closes to price on market depth historical graph

[2019-12-07 06:15:49]
user257887 - Posts: 15 | Ending Date: 2021-01-25
My two cents: I desperately want to renew my Denali feed because Sierra Chart has a great thing going with the number of depth levels that are available on many instruments. In addition, Sierra Chart has made the bid and offer depth studies not work properly on newer builds of the app when using CQG (referenced above). And it is ALSO very clear you want to end support for Rythmic. So, trust me -- I'm incentivized to use Denali! I actually WANT to!

But it simply isn't viable like this -- the local bids and offers have to be there AND the data needs to be as fast as everyone else's. If it is not the same speed as the rest of the world's I'm at a competitive disadvantage compared to everyone else with faster feeds -- who are trying to TAKE MY MONEY.

As a scalper, the data I receive has to be the same or better (and the same speed) as the data that everyone else is receiving - or it's simply not a level playing field. It's that simple.

Chart, datafeed, and ping times have to be as fast as possible. I've slowed down my charts to 100ms and it's too latent. You can feel the speed difference in the chart -- and the decision making and execution is too latent at 100ms.

But that's just human speed. Keep in mind people are going to be running automation on the Denali feed as well -- and these algos will be executing LATER than everyone else in the world too, who has a faster data. That's not cool.

So don't underestimate the speed issue. I want to renew my Denali subscription but the local depth and speed issues must be resolved. It's not a level playing field with the rest of the world if the data is slower -- it's a competitive disadvantage.
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