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Date/Time: Wed, 27 May 2020 06:28:55 +0000

Post From: Technical Help for Rithmic is Now Discontinued as of December 1, 2019.

[2019-12-06 20:55:17]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 85537 | Ending Date: 2020-06-09
Just so you know we are going to contact Rithmic and make a very strong case to them that them supporting the basic DTC message set on their websocket API with Google protocol buffer encoding is something that is much to their advantage and that brings about automatic compatibility with Sierra Chart using the new protocol API.

Using the DTC protocol will automatically take advantage of the most efficient high-performance interface that Sierra Chart has to external services because the market data processing and historical price data processing is all on background threads.

After all, it is Rithmic, who did not produce a very good API to begin with. We should not have to go through a whole new effort to support a properly done API now.

And we should not be disregarded. Sierra Chart has a very strong following now. It is well regarded and respected. And we have a lot of our own user base using the DTC protocol.
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