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Date/Time: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 07:41:55 +0000

Post From: Chart bars not printing

[2019-12-04 00:38:13]
Gustavo - Posts: 72
I'm still experiencing "delayed" data. I'm subscribed to Denali data and my Broker is TD Ameritrade.
I noticed this post on the Support board: "If you are using TD Ameritrade to authorize real time CME data that you are receiving from either the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed or the new Denali Exchange Data Feed, we can still authorize that data through a manual statement method. You will need to provide your TD Ameritrade statement. We will provide more details on this over the next couple of days and this method of authorization will require the use of the lower cost Denali Exchange Data Feed."
Please note that at the time I subscribed to the Denali data I was asked to provide my TD Ameritrade account information in order to get the non-professional pricing. After that, the data was coming in fine. But starting last Friday or so, data has been coming in delayed. Can you please recheck this issue within my Sierra account and let me know what is the problem?
Do note that I am not using Sierra to place orders, so I do not need to connect to TD Ameritrade within Sierra.