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Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 85543 | Ending Date: 2020-06-09
For some history and understanding of how things have progressed:

We came out with the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed back in approximately 2013. This was offered because we needed to have a reasonably economical data feed which was of good quality and high-performance, and well-integrated with Sierra Chart, and easy to get started with, as a substitute for the problematic data feeds from like Interactive Brokers, and Transact and other services at the time. And using IQ Feed was never economical.

This really helped Sierra Chart a lot, and allowed users to use an advanced charting platform, with a good market data feed and still trade on services like Interactive Brokers.

And it is always been our hope, that we could offer to all of our users one single unified data feed. This would make supporting Sierra Chart so much easier.

And we needed to make it more cost-effective and increase redundancy which is essential, and we found a way to do this. This is now the Denali exchange data feed.

There also has been a need to solve so many problems related to trading and make Sierra Chart easier-to-use. And this is the reason we started the Sierra Chart order routing service. And this is still a work in progress, with the next item that it will utilize our own direct CME routing.
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