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Date/Time: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 14:36:27 +0000

Post From: Dropping zeros at the end of a decimal number

[2019-10-01 18:19:18]
ILIM KIRGIZ - Posts: 187 | Ending Date: 2019-12-10 [Expired]
I know that Sierra does not allow me to use different value formats for each subgraph in the same study.

I have a custom build study that reads horizontal lines and some other study outputs from different charts (timeframes) to create an array of sorted support and resistance levels.
I watch 3 levels above the price and 3 levels below the price. I also watch distance to these levels in ticks.
Levels: R1,R2,R3,S1,S2,S3
Distance to levels: DR1,DR2,DR3,DS1,DS2,DS3 (converted to tick values) and they are always integers.

How can I get rid of these zeros decimal points? See attached screenshot.
Do you have to show these zeros? They mean nothing and occupy a lot of screen space.
Please advise.
imageCapture.PNG / V - Attached On 2019-10-01 18:19:10 UTC - Size: 253.94 KB - 74 views