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Date/Time: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 06:44:54 +0000

Post From: Upcoming changes to Symbol Settings

[2019-04-21 08:24:23]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104357
One of the tasks we are currently working on is an improvement to Symbol Settings . These are the settings found in Global Settings >> Symbol Settings.

User modifications to Symbol Settings are going to be stored separately and will never get lost or changed when Symbol Settings are updated from the Sierra Chart server. Sometimes this can happen depending upon what particular fields have changed.

The user set settings will be applied after the standard default settings are loaded locally from the file or downloaded.

Also only the Symbol Settings for the current service will be stored. This will make the storage file smaller.

There is also a completely new interface for Symbol Settings allowing the viewing and changing of any field of the Symbol Settings for a symbol. You will also be able to enable and disable easily the use of user set settings in case they are causing a problem.

We have had a report or to of commission settings getting lost on a recent update. We have looked at this and we do not believe it is related to the development we are doing. So we are not sure at this point of the cause.

However, once we release the improvements to Symbol Settings as described above, there is no longer any potential, for user set settings from getting lost any longer. A user set setting which changes a particular field in the Symbol Settings that the server also provides, do get restored to the default upon an update of Sierra Chart. This will no longer happen once we release the improvements, in about a week or so.

Once we do release the improvements, user set settings will be lost and you will have to reenter those but you can find them in the GlobalSymbolSettings.XML file in the Sierra Chart installation folder. After this, they will always remain and there is no risk of them changing.
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