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Date/Time: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 04:23:57 +0000

Post From: Available: More Market Depth Levels for CME Futures with SC Exchange Data Feed!

[2018-10-01 00:31:15]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated.

We just had time to respond now.

THERE ARE NO problems with the handling of the Rithmic data feed by SC.

Yes we know. But there is actually an outstanding issue where according to Rithmic the connection parameters are not fully up-to-date but the problem is we cannot do a new release because there is an incompatibility between the binary executables provided by Rithmic and the Visual C++ 2017 bridge program project we are using. We are fairly certain it is due to an incompatibility. There is no other explanation. Basically the execution becomes unstable very early on in the execution of the bridge program.

The current bridge program build which you are using is older from late last year using apparently an earlier version of Visual C++. We would have to look back in our logs to find out what we were using back then.

Finally, should you ever "discontinue" the support for Rithmic e.g. in the case they change their Communication Protocols (sorry that's the real life, all market data vendors are entitled to do that and without consulting and getting permission from SC haha), then just handover to me the current code for the current Rithmic feed handler in SC. I will adapt it myself to the eventual new protocol of Rithmic. I can then sell the new feed handler either to SC or to clients of SC who want to use it.
If you are interested in doing this, we would be interested in talking with you about this. We could give you free Sierra Chart usage time. Basically there is going to be a substantial change. Rithmic has developed a new websocket interface using Google protocol buffer encoding and that needs to be supported. The old C++ API is going to go. while Rithmic did not consult with us on the details, they did basically follow our advice not to use a C++ API.

On another subject, there is a real difference between businesses like TT and CQG and Sierra Chart. TT and CQG maintain direct interfaces to exchanges primarily if not always using protocol-based communication, not API components, and provide a full backend and front end trading environment. What we provide is primarily the front end. But we also have developed full backend market data functionality and we now have full backend trading functionality. What we lack though is the exchange connectivity. We can obtain exchange connectivity economically through TT or CQG and then we can provide a full solution to brokers just by having them use an omnibus account and where our own systems maintain the subaccounts.

A solution like this will solve the issues. We have gotten to the point where we can now offer this. Still though the problem is once again market data due to market data rules by the CME. While we have a market data feed, the cost is going to be a little higher compared to what TT and CQG can do this for. But then again as we build up users Barchart hopefully will accommodate us. And then the other problem is that the authorization system for that market data, goes through Barchart and whenever there are issues with that during the sign-up or account management process, it affects us and our users. That does create a fair amount of burden on us.

And then every now and then Barchart cuts off someone from the NYSE and NASDAQ feeds because they are deemed to be a professional. Sometimes this analysis is faulty, but you can understand the fear that the US equities exchanges have instilled in Barchart over this because if there is a mistake and Barchart does not recognize a professional user there is a heavy penalty for this. Do you see that problem here?

We see the background situation of what is going on and we see the fear that gets instilled in these providers. We heard one time many years ago that the Nymex when they were an independent exchange imposed a $50,000 penalty on a data provider because the delaying time for delayed data was off a few seconds. Now tell us, this is not draconian.
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