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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 22:08:12 +0000

Post From: Pivot Point - Variable Period Incorrect Output

[2013-04-09 00:02:09]
User22396 - Posts: 191
I am sure this has been beaten to death but this study does not display correctly...

using ES pit session the 3 day rolling pivot for today Monday 8apr is 1548.50 using 3d hi=1566.25, 3d lo= 1533.25, and 3d last (fri pit last)=1546...(1566.25+1533.25+1546)/3 =1548.5 the pivot variable study shows the same=1548.5

friday 5apr
3d hi=1568.00, 3d lo=1544.00, 4apr pit last=1554.75
pivot =(1568.00+1544.00+1554.75)/3=1555.58 while the pivot point variable shows 1561.58 which seems to be carried over from wens 3apr?

thurs 4apr
3hi=1568 3lo=1544 3apr pit last=1548.25
pivot(1568+1544+1548.25)/3=1553.42 while the pivot variable study displays 1561.58 still carried over from wens apr3

wens 3apr
3hi=1568 3lo=1552.5 2apr pit last=1564.25
pivot (1568+1552.5+1564.25)/3=1561.58 ...NOW the pivot variable period matches

tues 2apr pivot is 1555.42 while the pivot variable has 1560.67 same as monday 1apr
mon 1apr pivot 1557.75 while the pivot variable has 1560.67

The study is not using the data correctly....can someone please fix?