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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 03:26:44 +0000

Post From: mkt stats

[2018-01-01 19:14:24]
User170575 - Posts: 188
Hi--I have tried several of these options and cant seem to increase the data on the mkt stat--TICK-NYSE_NASDAQ_NYSEMKT---its seems it will only go back about six months of historical data---i tried increasing the number of days in the chart
settings---and then the data/trade settings--intraday storage to 4 seconds--Max Hist increase to 5000 on both just to see--and then I did the delete all data and dn load. I am using IB---but was thinking the mktstats come from SC? I have been able to pull the stats back to 2014--but not now. What am I missing?

Thoughts appreciated