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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 19:03:29 +0000

Post From: Support for DAS Trader Pro FIX API

[2018-01-01 00:50:56]
User963581 - Posts: 12
I dont know too much about the technical side of the process but will try to share my knowledge.

As you may know, Das Trader is a very popular direct access software and used/provided by a lot of Brokers.

I am just an end user/ trader/client and use das trader PRO provided by Centerpoint securities.(Broker)

The broker provides available routes ( their smart route, arca, edgx, etc.) for das trader pro.

Traders can choose any available routes at broker in das trader pro when placing an order. Traders can set one route as default and/or can change it while sending the orders. Stop orders require another route.

Every route has its own pricing. Some provides rebates while others don't. Arca route is a necessary one as it provides biggest rebate.

Market orders are easy but placing limit order is a painful process. Picking a desired price, adjusting size requires a lot of keyboard work (hotkeys or buttons, doesn't matter )

Trading via Dom is a must for das trader users. Datafeed for charts is important but not as much important as order routing/ sending.

Real benefit here is , trading via Dom Screen. This would make SC a necessary tool for Das trader users.

I would say, Order sending from Dom screen to das pro and broker should not be any different than sending orders to Interactive Brokers via SC Dom Screen.