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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 07:46:56 +0000

Post From: Support for DAS Trader Pro FIX API

[2017-12-31 05:20:06]
User963581 - Posts: 12
I trade stocks along with futures and have been using DAS Trader Pro for stocks. DAS Trader Data feed and especially Order routing add-on for Sierra Charts through their routes (I use Arca or Smart ) would be very beneficial for people who trade stocks like myself.

I would like to have DAS Trader Pro Api with Sierra Charts. Order entry via Trading Dom would be amazing.

I saw a lot of people have been looking for DOM for Das trader in other forums. ( Elitetrader-T2W ) Once they realize, most likely they will be Sierra Charts user too.

If there is a cost for this feature, I can share the cost .

If datafeed doesn't work, no problem. If we can run Sierra charts with other data source for datafeed, and routing orders via Das Pro, it would still be awesome.
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