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Post From: chart replay simulated trading, cannot get correct fill prices

[2017-12-24 01:00:23]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68077
I will not be using SC anymore. After pointing out incorrect SC forex price data and asking for help I received no answers and it looks like this is not a good choice for forex trading and backtesting.

We received the above from you by email. You have not pointed out any incorrect SC Forex price data. And to say that Sierra Chart is providing incorrect Forex price data, is completely false. No one ever points out such an issue because it does not exist. Therefore, what is the particular issue you are having?

Post an image of the the chart and also the Trading DOM showing what you are seeing, following these instructions:

And tell us why the data is incorrect. And Sierra Chart provides multiple sources of Forex data. Most likely you are referring to the FXCM provided data included with Sierra Chart service packages.

The reason the posts above did not receive an answer is because we really did not know what to say and it really was not making any sense to us to begin with so we were struggling to think about what to even say and unfortunately, after a period of time we then had overlooked it due to the passage of time.

Will go over this as best as we can item by item:

When I set the global symbol settings for USDCHF to update from server (and save this to the chart settings) the prices on the DOM will update,
This makes no sense. Changing the Symbol Settings will not prevent or cause updating on the trading DOM of the current prices. So we do not know what you are referring to here.

The prices displayed on the dom are way off from the prices on the chart, so it's not a matter of mark vs bid and ask.
This inherently makes no sense. From our perspective the only logical conclusion, is there is not a synchronization between the two. You may not be properly replaying the trading DOM. Here are the instructions:

Are you literally seeing a difference in the last trade prices between the chart and the trading DOM?

The other thing is you should not be changing the Tick Size or the Currency Value Per tick. These are not going to affect the displayed prices. Those are already properly set and should not be changed unless you understand what you are doing. What is it you are trying to achieve by changing them? From our perspective we are not understanding the issue.

I trade forex through TDAmeritrade currently.

These are the minimum tick sizes and values for some of the pairs (per 10k lot). When I calculate my P/L with these values it matches the real P/L changes in my account. These values are explicitly stated in the ThinkorSwim trading software. Also, the prices shown on the charts using Sierra Chart match the prices I see with TDA.

pair---------tick size-----tick value
These are TD Ameritrade specific values and are not correct for Sierra Chart. You now seem to be asking about Profit/Loss values.

This whole subject is documented here:

And specifically refer to this section on that page as well:

Now in the end, if you do not want to use Sierra Chart that is fine but if we can help you with the problem, we will. But at this point, we really do not understand what the issue is to begin with.

It is best, to focus on one item and express it clearly, and provide the images requested.
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