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Post From: Backtest/replay very slow

[2017-12-22 18:54:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64948
Refer to:

It can be slow if you do not follow all of the advice given.

Something else possibly relevant is in the trade log there’s entires for “unable to reverse or flatten because a position doesn’t exist “ messages that occur for the current date/time range even though the replay is back in time.
Make sure you modify the trading system formulas so that it does not try to flatten or reverse unless there is a nonzero Trade Position Quantity:

Also it seems to oscillate and throw the (not responding) text in the top most menu at the end of the chart description, above the main app menu
(File, edit, etc)

You need to follow the advice for improving back test performance.

Some performance improvements are going to come with spreadsheets in the next couple of months or so. For sure this will at least make some difference. Possibly a major difference. We will have to see.
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