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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:09:35 +0000

Post From: Automated trades on the same symbol from two different strategies

[2017-12-21 17:56:53]
User466737 - Posts: 20

I tried to buy/Sell a symbol, say 1 contract of /YM from two different strategies in their respective spreadsheets (for trading). What I intended for was for the buys/sells to be incremental vs one spreadsheet not taking action because there already is an order placed by the other spreadsheet strategy. What I'm expecting to do is the following

1) Spreadsheet strategy 1 buys 1 /YM when the buy signal is triggered
2) spreadsheet strategy 2 buys 1 /Ym when the buy signal is triggered.

Likewise on the sell side. I'm sure I'm missing a setting somewhere..any pointers would be much appreciated.