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Date/Time: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:15:38 +0000

Post From: Single Orders - Exit Triggers. Spreadsheet System for Trading - Autotrade Backtest

[2017-12-21 15:17:03]
Mooshu22 - Posts: 25
Thank you for the help. I worked it out. I also didn't realize that setting the target order- tick size in the trade window was not the right size for the a pip in Forex. 20 ticks = 10 pips. Not sure where I missed on understanding that; but I was able to adjust the ticks and now the take profit and stop loss are triggering on the right levels.

I attempted to use the textbook formula provided in the link for formula triggered exits: =OR( AND( $J$8 > 0, ID0.SG4@$3 <= $J$9-1), AND( $J$8 > 0, ID0.SG4@$3 >= $J$9+2)) for the Buy Exit (Sell) column and the system is erasing the formula in the Buy Exit (sell) cell during Backtesting. I tried several variations of the code and the result was the same. I didn't see any setting I needed to enable for that to work. Are there other settings that need to be enabled to get the Buy Exit (Sell) formulas to work? Thank you again for your time.