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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 01:40:14 +0000

Post From: E6H18 [C] 5 Min #7 | Performing a full recalculation because it has been tagged.

[2017-12-21 14:28:21]
Sporken - Posts: 81
Hi, I think I need to get you to look into this.

With v1671 and reproducable in Safe mode

The timestamps recorded in my Message Log are sometimes not incrementing in real-time.

Steps to reproduce : Start in Safe Mode and select "File"->RecentFileList-> "OpenAll". For me this opens 10 chartbooks simultaneously, each Chartbook has 8 charts with many studies that each reference each other. So that's 80 charts in total and hundreds of studies. My log fills with entries for several seconds and they all have the same time stamp. When the timestamps change, they change by 10+ seconds. Not in real-time. Eventually the load is complete and no more lines appear in the log.

Without using safemode my log continues filling after the initial loading and if I start my full system with 4 instances, I can watch entries going into the log that all have the same timestamp for upwards of 2 minutes. Meaning the timestamps recorded are 2 minutes old, the screen then flashes, the Windows Error Reporting service starts, The log is massive but it shows that it tried to connect to an IP address that whois says is something.barchart.com. This seems to fail. The log then reports it's doing a Full refresh of all of the charts and once it finishes it does HD downloads for all of the symbols and during this process the whole thing repeats endlessly.

My built-in windows 7 clock on the taskbar is ticking normally during all of this.

I will upload my log from safemode now.