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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 18:31:25 +0000

Post From: Reversal Bars

[2017-12-18 18:51:42]
User28914 - Posts: 87
I believe the settings of Rev amount = 3 and a min length = 8 should give a bar which "duplicates" the OFA probe(8) and Rotation(3)

bars. For most of the bars that seems to be true. If the bar excursions at least 8 ticks , the bar then waits for a 3 tick retrace. When that

happens, the next bar opens. The net result are bars that never have a bar close and the next bar open at exactly the same price.

But, I occasionally observe that Bar close = Bar open situation.

I believe this modified behavior is happening when a bar reaches 8 ticks and i'ts delta is less than the previous bar's delta. (ex for price

moving up). Then the next bar immediately opens and the previous bar closes at exactly the same price. It does not wait for a retrace of

3 ticks.

If there is a connection between the Reversal bar logic and the delta function, that would be very cleaver. Is so, could someone give me

the exact details of the connection without giving away the keys to the shop?