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Post From: DTC "Require Authentication"

[2017-12-17 13:40:44]
Andreas - Posts: 385
thank you for this fast response but i dont really get that..

Set Use Sierra Chart Instance Username and Password to Yes/True when connecting to other instances of Sierra Chart on other computers that are logged in with your own Sierra Chart Username (Account Name) and Password. Otherwise, set the Username and Password to match the Username (Account Name) and Password that were used to log into the instance of Sierra Chart which is being connected to.

does that mean i need to use my account user/password for that?

the issue i have with this is, i want some 3rd party to code a little application which connects to my sierra chart instance and pulls some data to draw a "special chart".. it would be a bummer if i'd need to provide him my sierrachart username and password that he'll be able to test his code..

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