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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 04:31:56 +0000

Post From: Add study collection to chart which already contains studies

[2017-12-15 21:00:18]
sunnyod - Posts: 128
Apologies, I understand you don't take feature requests right now but was hoping this could just be added to the list.

When adding a study collection to the chart and not replacing existing studies, if the new study collection contains studies with alert code references to other studies within the study collection, then adding it to the chart can break hard coded alert ID references. To give an example of this...

The chart contains 1 study with ID1. I add a new study collection to the chart which contains 2 studies, ID1 and ID2. ID2 has simple alert code in it which references ID1. When this study collection is added to the chart ID1 becomes ID3 because ID1 already existed. The simple alert code is broken. References in ID2 must be manually updated to point to ID3.

It would be great if Sierra chart took care of these references by scanning the studies before they are added and running a simple find/replace on the code with the new ID references if needed. That would save a lot of manual fixing and make working with study collections far more efficient.

Hope you see value in this idea.