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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 12:55:22 +0000

Post From: Can't find the way to code this

[2017-12-13 23:11:39]
User578397 - Posts: 2
Hi! I'm trying the way to automate an easy trading play I use to trade but I have one question, maybe you can help me.

I want to put a buy order when RSI has been under 40 and then the moving average changes trend to the up side. I have this:

=AND( ID4.SG1@3 > ID4.SG1@4, ID3.SG4@3 < 40)

But this only works when RSI is under 40 and the moving average changes its trend to the up side, and RSI continues under 40. And that's not what I'm looking for. Just imagine the situation:

- RSI is on 50, for example. It goes to 20. And then it moves to 45 again. The RSI is not anymore under 40 and then, the moving average turns up. That's the shooter. I don't know how to code that. Please, help ;)