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Date/Time: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:33:08 +0000

Post From: Trading Chart DOM

[2017-12-12 16:09:50]
User22414 - Posts: 54
I find under the given link no indication of my problem. You did not understand me. So again: I do not want to adjust the size of the tading chart DOM columns, but the location of the
1) For example, sales order with the text: S / Lmt / 163.54 / Open / 0 / 1 / x
2) The stoporder with the text: B / Stop / 16.58 / Child-Client / 0/0 / x Both are located on the far left. But it should be, like the Tading Chart DOM located on the right side of the chart; just an to the left line of the buy column of the Tading Chart DOM.
At the same time the scale should show the value for example: Sale 163.54 and 163.58 for the stop.
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Did you read my message and understood what my really problem is? If not then please contact me. If you do not have anyone who understands, then you should contact MAX or should I tell him all about it? He knows how to do that, because he has already changed it to personal on my PC.