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Date/Time: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 00:53:03 +0000

Post From: Numbers Bars Calculated Values Question

[2017-12-10 12:08:03]
binaryduke - Posts: 151
This can be a good indicator of momentum and as normal with Sierra Chart there are several ways to achieve this. It's analogous to seeing where an Ask/Bid Vol Diff candle closed relative to its high/low.

You could use the Study Subgraphs Divide - Ratio study to calculate the ratio of Closing Ask/Bid Vol Diff to Maximum Ask/Bid Vol Diff and (in a second instance of the study) to Minimum Ask/Bid Vol Diff. This will give a couple of oscillators which could be drawn. Alternatively, you could set these to the Value on High and Value on Low draw styles to see the number in proximity to (for example) the main chart bars/candles. Another approach would be to use the Colour Bar (or Colour Background) Based On Alert Condition setting an alert based upon a ratio derived from the Number Bars Calculated Values.

Commercially, you could consider the Emoji Trading Delta Strength Indicator described here:
and explained in this video from around the 7:03 mark:

Hope this is of some help.