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[2017-11-29 15:18:51]
ertrader - Posts: 161
For my production system, below is an explanation of issues and solutions that helped me get through installing Linux. These are not SC related but did slow me down for getting SC up and running in production. There are commercial solutions to solving the problems below but I did not want to purchase them due to cost and prior issues.

Issue 1:
Background: A partition is needed to install Linux. Normally this is done by shrinking the windows partition which provides room for installing Linux.
Issue: Windows 10 pro would not make enough room for Linux despite having 200 gig free. Windows puts hibernation, swap and other system files at the end of the volume. When you attempt to make a partition, if the files are present, you cannot shrink.
Solution: Disable kernel memory dump, hibernation and set page file to zero. Reboot, shrink partition and you are good to go. See the links below for details.

Issue 2:
Background: Windows supports a maximum of 4 partitions on the MBR (Master boot record). This is a legacy partition type.
Issue: There were already 4 partitions in the MBR and I did not want to completely wipe windows and all my files
Solution: 2 of the partitions were identified as recovery partitions. I did not need them and so could remove them (I have a recover CD and regularly back up). For windows computers, diskpart is used to remove partitions and this is what I used. After removing the partitions, Linux installation proceeded without any problems.

Helpful links:

Additional updates:
1) Mint Linux 18.2 has been updated to 18.3 with no issues
2) A newer AMD video card is on my production system and is working exceptionally well under Linux.
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