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Date/Time: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 01:16:29 +0000

Post From: Spreadsheet - Countdown Timer reference

[2017-11-28 03:22:51]
absorrel4 - Posts: 39
I have a cell in my spreadsheet that references the Countdown timer column. The formula is a simple one... e.g., =if(aa3<5,1,0) My formula works fine and gives me a "1" when the countdown timer is < 5 seconds remaining....but my associated alert sound never goes off. I have tried all the different settings for the column within my spreadsheet study (i.e., "Alert Only Once Per Bar" yes/no..."Signal On Bar Close" yes/no...etc.). However, no alert sound. I think I remember that the if statement reference has to be in a different format to match the Countdown Timer??....but I tried all the different possible combinations within the statement with no success (i.e., I tried "hh:mm:ss" formats, etc.). How can I get this to work? I did this years ago and made it work, but I sure can not remember what I did....any help is appreciated. Thanks...