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Date/Time: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:16:18 +0000

Post From: Alerts Sound Functionality Suggestion

[2017-11-22 19:14:24]
sunnyod - Posts: 156

Let me clarify.

The request i'm making is not to do with the text output to the Alert Manager log, which is already functional. The request is for more control over Audio files that are played back when an Alert condition is triggered. So at the moment if I want to be alerted using a sound file when close crosses 50 MA on 5m chart, then my sound file would have a recording with a voice saying, "USDJPY 50MA crossed on 5m". So for every instrument I trade I would need to create a sound file for the same condition, for GBPUSD it would be "GBPUSD 50MA crossed on 5m". Multiply this by the number of MA's and other studies I like to be alerted on, and the number of audio files has become very large

Instead. Why not allow the playback of multiple audio files (wav,mp3, etc) in a sequence that I can chose. This way per the example above I would need to create 3 audio files instead of 1, each saying different pieces of information. So audio file 1 would say "USDJPY", audio file 2 would say "50MA Crossed" audio file 3 would say, "on 5m". I could then reuse each of these 'split' audio files on different instruments/timeframes/studies, etc...

Hope that makes sense and you can see the benefit of doing it. I don't think we would need more than 4/5 audio files to be played back per instrument, but more is always better I guess if there is no performance impact. GUI restrictions are obviously another consideration.

I guess an even better solution would be to integrate Text to Speech synthesis engine into Sierra and allow us to type in the audio alerts we want to hear :) But I understand you guys sell a text to speech service so the company may not agree with that ;)