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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 07:46:58 +0000

Post From: Alerts Sound Functionality Suggestion

[2017-11-22 12:52:53]
sunnyod - Posts: 128

I know you're not taking feature requests but I thought of an idea that would make alert sound workflow for end users much more efficient. Please consider to add it to the huge list of feature requests you undoubtedly have

So at the moment if an alert is triggered on an MA cross, the alert sound would need to specify 3 different pieces of information:

- Instrument it's triggered on
- Timeframe
- MA length

(This is in an ideal world of course)

Problem is we are all watching multiple instruments across multiple timeframes with many MA's (etc!). So the number of sound files we need to painstakingly create and add to Sierra is a lot

My suggestion is. In the Alert dialog, simply add multiple 'Alert Sounds'that are played in sequence and are configured by the user. So for the previous example. I would assign 3 sounds, 1st one would be "USDJPY", 2nd "5m" and 3rd "50MA".

I don't believe this would be hard to implement and would save us so much time. Hopefully you can do it