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Post From: Universal Renko bar fill on new bar creation

[2017-11-22 00:46:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65025
On the desired chart, the topping green bar body high at the top of the run would never be greater than the wick or body of a following red bar because in order for the next bar to form following the green topping bar, a price 1 tick higher than the body high of the green topping bar would have to occur, and this price would show up as a wick that is higher than the green topping bar body on a following red bar (as shown on the desired chart).
We do not agree with the statement because the price action could cause this condition, but this is not relevant because you are comparing to 1614 which we no longer support and there may very well have been a problem.

However, as you can see in the current implementation which is a much more thorough and complete implementation which was one of the objectives of the recent work on Renko bars, you do not see what you are describing:

So you can see how this issue was resolved.

Aside from this, the way that we ask that you look at this, is to read over the specifications here:

And decide what particular Renko New Bar mode that you want to use:

And surely you must find one that you would find sensible in your own mind.

Decide on the Bar Size, New trend bar amount, and reversal amount.

And then look at the underlying tick by tick data, and validate that what Sierra Chart provides is 100% accurate and perfect. All of this is of the highest technical standard. There is not even a document out there which even explains Universal Renko bars, unlike the thorough documentation we provide for Renko bars in Sierra Chart.

It should not be a matter of trying to match a substandard and improper chart in the other program despite the following it may have. We have proven that it is just not accurate, in at least one way where it does not catch all reversals, and does not follow proper Renko bar construction methods.

What we offer is unquestionably 100% technically accurate and done properly to well-defined and proper specifications. This is what we hope you will see, and the others apparently you are working with in your trading room.

There simply is not anything further we can or willing to do.
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