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Date/Time: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:21:02 +0000

Post From: Sierra Chart Now Supports Building Custom Chart Bars Efficiently in ACSIL

[2017-11-13 11:33:45]
DabbaDo - Posts: 103
Thank you, I look forward to trying sc.AllocateAndNameRenkoChartBarArrays.
These custom bars are wonderful, a great addition to your platform in my opinion. Attached is a favorite bar type of mine, for what it's worth. You can safely ignore it. It's likely that I'm doing some things incorrectly.

Some issues:
1. In the studies dialog, when I Remove a custom chart and Add another then Apply the chart is not reloaded. Duplication steps:
---a. Add Custom Study "Custom Chart Bars Example" with the default 1000 volume. Exit the studies dialog.
---b. Open the studies dialog. Remove Custom Chart Bar Volume=1000 then Add Custom Study "Custom Chart Bars Example" with 2000 volume. Apply or OK. Notice the bars don't change (debugger shows the CustomChartBarBuildingFunction isn't called.)
2. Maybe not a bug: sc.AreTimeSpecificBars() comes back true if the scid bars are 1s or 1m etc. Sometimes other studies need to know if the base bar is a tick bar, a time-based bar, etc.
3. Nice-to-haves:
---a. A flag in ChartBarInterface that is true on the first call after sc.FlagToReloadChartData. Currently I'm tracking the CurrentBarIndex to know when I should re-initialize state. Perhaps there is a better way and I just missed it.
---b. GetPersistentInt64
---c. GetPersistentSCDateTime

attachmentBruUniVolumeTick.cpp - Attached On 2017-11-13 11:16:58 UTC - Size: 9.82 KB - 130 views