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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 14:11:12 +0000

Post From: chart replay simulated trading, cannot get correct fill prices

[2017-11-04 00:22:14]
LittleFinger - Posts: 6
So I have been trying to replay the chart USDCHF 60m and do simulated trading using the DOM. When I click buy market I cannot get a fill at the price shown on the chart. I have been trying to troubleshoot based on what I'm reading here:


When I mess with the tick size and tick value, while replaying the chart, the prices on the dom do not change. I am using the "SC Data- All Services" feed. When I set the global symbol settings for USDCHF to update from server (and save this to the chart settings) the prices on the DOM will update, but they are not in line with the prices shown on the chart. So, it seems like the tick size/value is the culprit, but I still cannot get the dom to show accurate prices. The settings that are pulled from the SC Data server for USDCHF are 0.00005 tick size and 0.00005 currency value per tick. When I trade on my live account the values are 0.00001 tick size and $0.1 per tick, so these are the correct values. It seems like the dom won't work with values different than the SC Data defaults, which are wrong. So what do I do?