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[2017-11-03 21:29:51]
ertrader - Posts: 172
Thank you.
Below are my latest updates. At this point, all issues have been resolved either with simple workarounds or use of alternate solutions.

1) Mint Linux 18.2 working better than expected. Have now installed it on a laptop completely replacing windows (for a non-SC user and feedback is great!)
2) Installed 64 bit Linux version of latest Interactive Brokers standalone software 963.3k. To my surprise, Sierrachart connects to it, downloads data and sends orders! I had spent time installing and testing Windows IB version because I thought SC would need to connect via windows software.
3) Wine 2.0.3 graphics seems to work better than Crossover for Sierrachart. SC works well with both Crossover and Wine 2.0.3
4) TWSStart is an important IB utility for me to restart IB after IB autologs off daily. TWSStart does not work properly with Linux. I contacted the author and he confirmed after testing. He is also considering moving completely to Linux. IBController was recommended and this is what I moved to. It took some doing but is working.
5) Screensave hanging issue was due to driver. Updated to latest Nvidia driver 384.9

Summary to date:
1) To run SC, Wine 2.0.3 works well. Crossover works well too but is not really needed.
2) Use IB TWS 64 Bit Linux version. Windows version works well but is not needed.
3) Use IBController instead of TWSStart if keeping logged into IB is needed
4) For remote control, Teamviewer is working best. Use latest security recommendations.
5) In SC, workaround for mouse left direction drag and drop not working, use ctrl-w and move charts as needed . SC Right direction drag and drop works

CPU usage is higher than on Windows: Wineserver: 24%, Sierrachart: 24%
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