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[2017-10-28 02:35:50]
ertrader - Posts: 160
Update on my experiences moving to Linux:

Linux Mint 18.2 purchased CD and installed. Did not really need to purchase CD for 5.95 as it is free to download and burn a CD/DVD but it was convenient while I was traveling to have it ready when home. Installation went smoothly.
Hardware: (Yes I know old but want to see how Linux performs)
8 Gig memory
Nvidia GT440
Intel Core 2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13 GHZ

1) Mint Linux 18.2 working OK. Hangs on screensaver for some reason. Have turned it off for now. Investigating.
2) SC installed and running V 1630 using Wine 2.0.3.
3) SC ability to drag tabs not working for some reason. Cannot drag tabs and move.
4) Windows Version of Standalone Interactive Brokers installed and working. Yes I know they have Linux version but SC needs to connect via Windows Standalone IB (at least that is my understanding and experience)
5) TWSStart for auto re-logging is not working. Investigating
6) SC Remote compiling works well using my custom studies
7) SC and IB Performance seems good. On old hardware, Linux seems to eliminate all the windows baggage...maybe just placebo effect. Will look for objective performance metrics and comparisons.

More to come as I get use to OS and Windows differences. I'm a newbie Linux user but I really want this to work. I am so fed up with Microsoft and Mac OS never an option.

Best regards
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