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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 20:37:14 +0000

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[2017-10-14 22:28:37]
Kiwi - Posts: 192
Your humility is noted :)

I've been using Wine with Sierra Chart since 2013 and it hasn't given me any problems. Sure I've had an issue picking fonts and with a difference in chart edges but they never impacted trading or charting really and even they've been gone for the last year.

So, pick a boring, stable, but likeable Linux. Then wine + sc should give a good experience.

I would always recommend back up in trading though. First, know how to use your broker's tech to shut down a trade if SC/Wine died (ie, how do I exit a position with TWS). Second, have their number written down so that if your system or the internet dies you can call and close positions.
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