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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 21:30:52 +0000

Post From: Linux

[2017-10-10 08:17:11]
AlexPereira - Posts: 102
well, if i can give my feedback:

Gentoo, Arch and openSUSE work well right, have wine and cross dev tools ( gentoo will be a pain in the ass for crossdev ).

Right now the combination of wine 2.18 and freetype 2.18.1 are giving me problems with antialiased fonts, but other than that, works well.

Also no issues with performance with wine, wine-staging or wine-staging-nine. Checking my cpu they are most of the time below 10% ( real core utilization, not dividing by cpu numbers ), only when there is alot of action it goes to 20% or so. Also charts are fast, and i have 2560x1440 maximized charts.

The real waste is that you will have a wine thread running, in which in windows you don't. So compare to using SC on linux , the same as windows + wine server thread expenses.

About SC bugs on Linux, there is the famous and really pitty tradewindow bug, other than that, works very well.

Also you can customize your wine colours to make SC like almost native app.

Also since sierra charts allow to customize the charts titlebars, means that with a window manager like kwin, you can do whatever you dream of with the windows ( just launch SC and they go to the right place at the right size always ).

For ACSIL development, you have visual studio code, atom editor, kate, geany, etc ... my favorite is qt creator.