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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 21:29:58 +0000

Post From: Linux

[2017-10-09 22:19:50]
ganz - Posts: 864

in case you find my words unkind a bit: then just use linux as a linux not as windoze one

try arch linux or lfs in order to find out what that linux really is

then use wine-staging and check CPU usage on chart scrolling and so on.

compare it to that "buggy" windoze :)

another point is linux video subsystem that there is no stable and officcial support from nvidia nor amd. it is always in beta stage or as a closed blobs

another pain is 4k screens and multi-monitor configs

high end MB and optimus will not work coorectly and stable

i love to use linux since 1995-96 but it is not the time to say it is ready for retail