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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 06:17:00 +0000

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[2017-10-09 22:18:06]
Kiwi - Posts: 192
Jeez Guys. Stop being pessimists.

Sierra Chart runs fine on Wine on Linux Mint. I haven't had a bug in years.

ertrader, I just run a current version of SC (1615 when I last looked), the most recent Mint (but it will work fine on any of them), but I do use an ubuntu ppa to ensure that I have the most current version of Wine. SC/Wine used to be a bit of a processor hog at around 10% but recent changes in one or both have dropped it to the 1% level for my charts.

Wine is where the rubber meets the road so I use 2.4 rather than 1.8 which is default for Mint 18. 1.8 may actually be enough now, but I got into the habit of having the latest wine because of an issue a couple of years back and haven't bothered dropping back.

The only downside was compiling dlls and keeping that working. But now the Sierra Chart team have provided a remote compiler option ... and you just press the button and wait a few seconds for the dll to be deposited in your data directory. Cool.
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