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Post From: write a label in a Horizontal Line

[2017-02-22 02:08:47]
User459325 - Posts: 9 | Ending Date: 2017-07-03 [Expired]
Sorry I'm not quite sure what the correct term is for what I'm referring to - label or marker

In the "Price Markers" image in the previous post, I have shown 3 horizontal lines with text attached. The first line has a price of 1303.50. What I am referring to as the label is the orange rectangle around or behind the 1303.50 text - whatever that is called.
Same for the second line in the image, there is a red shaped marker behind the price of 2264.00 and same for the third line where there is a black rectangle (with a transparent fill color) around the 53.77 price

I just want to know if you could add these markers/labels to the text attached to a horizontal line
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