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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 07:46:38 +0000

Post From: About Real-time Futures Data

[2017-01-19 05:55:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65028
We had another case of a potential user from China, who probably sent in a total of 30 messages by email and on this Support Board wanting Real-time CME futures data cheaply.

If they would just simply pay attention to what we told them in the beginning, they should not have any follow-up questions even though English was not their native language. By the second or third time they should have clearly understood what we were saying. But they just did not want to believe it.

We answered all of their emails and support board postings. And it was a huge waste of our time. In the end, they could not get the data at the reduced exchange fees because they were not using a supported futures trading service and our time was a monumental waste of time because they did not become a user.

We do not like to ignore users,so we do politely answer them. But you can just see the total ludicrous insanity of this. Yes we are publicly slamming the CME over this.

Another stupid policy of exchanges is making a difference between a professional and nonprofessional. What difference does that possibly make? Why should a so-called professional have to pay more.

If they really are professional you would think that they are doing more trading volume and the exchange would earn more money that way on trading fees.

Furthermore, how the exchange defines someone as a professional and nonprofessional does not mean a fair application of the higher exchange fees. We see that all the time.

Or how about in Brazil, charging higher exchange fees for a non-Brazilian resident. You would think with their economic problems, they would want openness. Just another absurdity in this world.
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