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Date/Time: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:21:45 +0000

Post From: Offering To The Community: Custom Stock Index Creator

[2016-12-19 09:24:37]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 251
For "Call Index Line" / "Chart Study Number To Overlay", change that to #1. You're on chart #1 and you want to overlay another line from #1 back to itself.

For "Put Index", change scaling to Independent.

Have a look at "Call Index" and "Put Index", "FLAG Number Of Symbols Found". One says "37" and the other says "33". If I understand your setup correctly, both numbers should be identical. For every call symbol, there should be a matching put symbol.

For "Volume Difference", you'll have to double check the settings. I don't know what the numbers translate to. "Input Study 1" should be "Call Index / VolumeIdx". "Input Study 2" should be "Put Volume / Result".

Make sure all your studies listed under "Studies To Graph" are in the same order as the instructions in post #19.

I think that will get you working. Be sure to hit "Save All" for the Study Collection so you don't have to set all this up again for each major symbol.