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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:06:30 +0000

Post From: Offering To The Community: Custom Stock Index Creator

[2016-12-15 08:44:04]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 251
First: Can y'all hit the "Control Panel" link at the top and enter something for "Publicly Shown Name"? Being sleepless, I'm losing track of "34" and "19". Thanks.

@19: I've got a ticket open for applying Study Collections to a chart in ACSIL. Doing it by Study Collection would be easy since the user would have to create it and set all the values first (as in, not trying to figure that out in ACSIL). There is a way of applying a Study Collection to ANY new chart, but that makes a mess of the non-ACSIL charts, too. The setting is in Global Settings. This has potential for an ugly workaround, but it would be far better than doing it all by hand. The SC dev's usually get around to implementing my simpler requests. It just takes them time to get to it.

Your code sorta has the right idea, but I don't think it will compile and run. You'd really want 2 graphs: one for above VWAP, one for below VWAP. In my program, I'm also planning on returning a flag string back to the settings window for each of the symbols. I'm probably going to fork Index Creator into Stock Screener (or something similarly named). I've got some ideas to do far more than VWAP.

If you want to blindly walk through all chart numbers, you'll go from 1 to sc.GetHighestChartNumberUsedInChartBook(). I've got this in my IndexCreator code. You'll also want to look at my code for checking for chart errors... and probably implement more since this is blind access. Code like this isn't very efficient, but it's still faster than doing it by hand.

As far as health goes, I've been scrawney all my life. I have been gaining weight the past year, but I haven't gotten over 150 pounds. I've dropped the last sugar in my diet, so I should be going back down. Doctors have had me on dozens of pills, most useless. Sleepers make me more tired in the day. Stims give me worse insomnia at night. In reality, a pill cannot reverse brain damage (what CSA boils down to). Doctors are TERRIFIED of the words "brain damage" for some reason. I've been wanting a phrenic nerve pace maker, but they're even more terrified of that. In the mean time, I'm slowly rotting away into nothing. I've been doing a lot of ACSIL programming working my way towards automation just because I can't keep up anymore. There's no reason for me to do what the computer could do, anyways.

@34: 19 brings up some good points to check. Index Creator should have at least tried to open those windows, though. It will error out at the last symbol that got chopped in the Symbol List. Also double check to make sure it's enabled. Any load to a new chart will default to disable to prevent it from trashing a chartbook.

If you exit and go back into settings, you can copy and paste out the Symbol List to a text editor and see where it got chopped. Internally in Index Creator, I clean the Symbol List and copy it back into settings for this purpose. You can also have a look at "FLAG: Number Of Symbols Found", which is the internal count of what the program thinks it can use. If a symbol got chopped, this will be one less than the reported number.