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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 17:30:01 +0000

Post From: Offering To The Community: Custom Stock Index Creator

[2016-12-09 11:11:40]
User345334 - Posts: 23
first i hope your health will be good again.
this job is not urgent if you got more important things i can wait.
i can offer you 100$ (i hope this is ok) for this indicator if it possible to do.

i will try to explain what i need , i hope this will be clear.

1. the work that i need is based on the cumulative delta bar -volume study and yours index creator(but maybe there is no need for the index creator i'm not sure)
the cumulative delta bar -volume study work on 1 symbol let say a stock, i want instead of one stock to put a list of stocks like in your index creator for example:
AAPL+MSFT+FB+GOOG+INTC+CSCO+V+IBM and much more(this index is very simple just adding the values together) let call it index1 .
and then i want to subtract index1 with index2 ( index2 will be another list of stock symbols)

so i will able to see cumulative delta bar -volume study of input index1 minus index2.

2. the second modification is to change cumulative delta bar -volume study calculation , right now is tacking just the volume (number of contracts) of each trade and add to cumulative vol if the trade was on the ask or subtract if this trade
was on the bid.

i want to change it so it will tack the price of the symbol and multiply by the vol (instead of just the vol number for example aapl trade in 52.05$ and last trade was on the ask 1000 shares so i want to calculate 52.05*1000 = 52050 to add to the cumulative delta) and of course sum all symbols

that all , i can imagine that you probably have question so please ask i will do my best to answer them.