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Log of Changes and Improvements to Sierra Chart

This list contains major items of development, items which are notable, and changes and additions which users need to be informed about.

This is not a comprehensive changes and additions log. It only represents less than 25% of the actual development performed every day. There are not version notes for each version. The main Sierra Chart documentation is updated as needed relating to the changes and additions.

In addition to the below listed items for each version, there are also various low-level improvements, issues resolved, and small additions that a release has which are not listed.

  • 3.52

    • The time scale adjustment is now a global setting. It is set in the General Settings window.
    • A feature to call external functions for custom studies.
  • 3.50

    • Horizontal line tool.
    • The open interest value in intraday charts shows the number of trades per bar.
    • Mountain charts.
    • New study that graphs the sum of all charts in a chart book.
    • You can set the number of days to load into a chart.
  • 3.46

    • Works with a new database from the data feed for improved intraday charting. Can use separate colors for point and figure bars. Studies that use two or more charts in their formula no longer need the Include columns with no data option in Chart Settings window because the charts are synchronized. More studies and tools are to be released in the near future.
    • Bar spacing is now shown on the chart window. Can track new intraday charts without reconnecting to the data service.
    • Reporting of extended hours trading.
    • Easier adding of chart symbols.
    • Automatic downloading of data for newly added symbols.
    • Scrolling past the right side of a chart will fill in right side with space that is automatically filled as new bars are added.
    • Spreadsheet window position and size is now saved with the Spreadsheet file.
    • A function has been added to the intraday data editor that lets you delete data from any position in an intraday file to the end. This is very useful for deleting data after missing data that causes gaps or for deleting blocks of data with errors. When you connect the data feed again, the deleted data will be replaced with new data from the server.
    • New studies: Trade Volume Index. Directional Movement Index. Directional Movement Oscillator. STIX. 3 chart spread.
    • Fibonacci support and resistance tool!
    • A beep is sounded when a study alert condition becomes true.
    • Higher resolution chart printing.
    • Rate of Change study can be used on volume.
    • Faster updating of intraday charts.
    • Can adjust the time scale on intraday charts to your local time. This is useful if you live in Europe.
    • Intraday charts now use the date from the data feed and are not affected by incorrect date settings on your computer.
    • If symbols are prefixed with a / on a Spreadsheet, then the Net Change can be colored by setting a colored number format for the cells.
    • The historical download retry time has been set to 5 seconds from 60 seconds.
    • Up to 100 symbols per Spreadsheet.
    • Improved price scale display with fractions.
    • Study alerts and scanning!
    • Can select a study collection name in the study window without losing changes to settings for the studies on chart.
    • Many improvements with point and figure charts. Can graph trade volume for point and figure charts.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.