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Technical Studies Reference


The STIX (Short Term IndeX) is a short-term trading oscillator that was published in The Polymetric Report. It compares the amount of volume flowing into advancing and declining stocks.

Add this study to a Historical chart for a symbol which indicates the number of advancing issues. Normally this will be the ADV-NYSE symbol. For more information, refer to Market Statistics. And add the Add Additional Symbol study to the chart to load data for the declining issues symbol. Normally this will be the DECL-NYSE symbol.

Set the Declining Issues Add Additional Symbol Study Input to the declining issues Add Additional Symbol study.

Let \(N^{(A)}_t\) and \(N^{(D)}_t\) be the Number of Advancing Issues and Number of Declining Issues at Index \(t\). We denote the value of STIX at Index \(t\) as \(STIX_t\), and we compute it as follows.

\(t = 0:\)
\(\displaystyle{STIX_0 = \left\{ \begin{matrix} 9\cdot\frac{N^{(A)}_t}{N^{(A)}_t + N^{(D)}_t} + 0.91\cdot\left(.9\cdot\frac{N^{(A)}_t}{N^{(A)}_t + N^{(D)}_t}\right) & N^{(A)}_t \neq 0 \space and \space N^{(D)}_t \neq 0 \\ 0 & otherwise \end{matrix}\right .}\)
\(t > 0:\)
\(\displaystyle{STIX_t = \left\{ \begin{matrix} 9\cdot\frac{N^{(A)}_t}{N^{(A)}_t + N^{(D)}_t} + 0.91 \cdot STIX_{t - 1} & N^{(A)}_t \neq 0 \space and \space N^{(D)}_t \neq 0 \\ STIX_{t - 1} & otherwise \end{matrix}\right .}\)


  • Declining Issues Add Additional Symbol Study: Set this Input to the Declining Issues study which is loading the Declining Issues symbol.


The spreadsheet below contains the formulas for this study in Spreadsheet format. Save this Spreadsheet to the Data Files Folder.

Open it through File >> Open Spreadsheet.


*Last modified Friday, 14th February, 2020.