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Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Exchange Data Feed Symbols

Available Symbol Pages

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The symbols and notes on these pages only apply to the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service and to the Sierra Chart Real Time and Historical Exchange Data Feed.

Many of the supported Trading services use the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service for historical Daily data. Therefore, any of the symbols found on these symbol pages can be used for historical Daily charts with those Trading services.

These symbols do not apply to any other Data or Trading service that Sierra Chart supports. Each service uses its own symbol format. These symbols are not necessarily valid for those services.



Description: Accelerize New Media
Symbol: ACLZ
Description: Alamogordo Financial Corp
Symbol: ALMG
Description: A M B Financial Cp
Symbol: AMFC
Description: Ben Franklin Financl
Symbol: BFFI
Description: Bank of Napa Na [Ca]
Symbol: BNNP
Description: Ballston Spa Bancorp
Symbol: BSPA
Description: Community First Bank
Symbol: CFSO
Description: Comerica Inc
Symbol: CMPWW
Description: C S B Bancorp Ohio
Symbol: CSBB
Description: Commercewest Bk [Ca]
Symbol: CWBK
Description: Citizens Fincl Svcs
Symbol: CZFS
Description: Dcb Financial Corp
Symbol: DCBF
Description: First Bncp Ind
Symbol: FBPI
Description: First Century Bnkshrs Inc
Symbol: FCBS
Description: Fentura Finl Inc
Symbol: FETM
Description: First Keystone Corp
Symbol: FKYS
Description: Fnbh Bancorp [Mi]
Symbol: FNHM
Description: Fraternity Community Bancorp Inc
Symbol: FRTR
Description: First Reliance Bk SC
Symbol: FSRL
Description: Guided Therapeutics
Symbol: GTHP
Description: Greenville Fed Fin
Symbol: GVFF
Description: Home Loan Financial Corp
Symbol: HLFN
Description: JA Energy
Symbol: JAEN
Description: Juniata Valley Finl
Symbol: JUVF
Description: Ks Bancorp Inc [Nc]
Symbol: KSBI
Description: Liberty Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LBCP
Description: Lincoln Park Bancorp
Symbol: LPBC
Description: Merchants Bancorp Or
Symbol: MBNC
Description: Minden Bancorp Inc
Symbol: MDNB
Description: Mdu Res Group 4.50
Symbol: MDURP
Description: North Dallas BK&Tr Co Tex
Symbol: NODB
Description: Northwest Indiana Bancorp
Symbol: NWIN
Description: Polonia Bancorp [Pa]
Symbol: PBCP
Description: Psb Hldgs Inc [Wi]
Symbol: PSBQ
Description: Response Biomedical
Symbol: RPBIF
Description: Third Century Bancor
Symbol: TDCB
Description: Wizard World Inc
Symbol: WIZD
Description: Smack Sportswear
Symbol: SMAK
Description: Foundation Bancorp
Symbol: FDNB
Description: Hemisphere Media
Symbol: HMTVW
Description: Hibernia Bancorp
Symbol: HIBE
Description: Sugar Creek Fin Corp
Symbol: SUGR
Description: Quarry City Savings and Loan Assoc
Symbol: QRRY
Description: Glassesoff Inc
Symbol: GLSO
Description: Hydrocarb Energy Corporation
Symbol: HECC
Description: Train Travel Holdings Inc
Symbol: TTHX
Description: Starflick
Symbol: STFK
Description: American Brewing Co
Symbol: ABRW
Description: Microlin Bio Inc.
Symbol: AMIB
Description: Committed Capital
Symbol: CCAQ
Description: Radiant Creations Group
Symbol: RCGPE
Description: Apptigo International Inc
Symbol: APPGE
Description: Med-Cannabis Pharma Inc
Symbol: MCPIE
Description: Ifan Financial Inc
Symbol: IFANE
Description: Wewearables Inc
Symbol: WWRB
Description: Smsa Ballinger Acquisition Corp
Symbol: SMQA
Symbol: FWDR
Description: Tianhe Union Holdings Limited
Symbol: TUAA
Description: Cincinnati Bancorp
Symbol: CNNB
Description: China Xuefeng Enviro
Symbol: CXEEE
Description: Inception Mining Corp
Symbol: IMIIE
Description: Nutrastar Intl Inc
Symbol: NUINE
Description: Microchannel Tech Cp
Symbol: MCTCE
Description: Petro River Oil Corp
Symbol: PTRCD
Description: Agro Capital Management Corp.
Symbol: GTWMD
Description: Vincompass Corp.
Symbol: TIGYD
Description: Formigli Inc.
Symbol: FRMGD
Description: Senseonics Holdings Inc.
Symbol: SENH
Description: Ubl Interactive Inc
Symbol: UBLIE
Description: Brk Inc
Symbol: BRKKD
Description: Axiom Holdings Inc.
Symbol: AIOME
Description: Renewable Energy & Pow Er Inc
Symbol: RBNWE
Description: Smoofi Inc
Symbol: SMFIE
Description: Prime Global Capital
Symbol: PGCGE
Description: Smart Server Inc
Symbol: SVTZ
Description: Love International Group Inc.
Symbol: QNTCD
Symbol: KRTT
Description: JA Energy
Symbol: JAEND
Description: Guided Therapeutics
Symbol: GTHPD
Description: Jarex Solutions Corp.
Symbol: JRSC
Description: Saleen Automotive Inc
Symbol: SLNNE
Description: The Staffing Group Ltd
Symbol: TSGLD
Description: Somo Inc.
Symbol: SMMO
Description: Crowd Shares
Symbol: CRDW
Description: Geo Point
Symbol: GCNG
Description: Exactus Inc.
Symbol: SGYTD
Description: United Cannabis Corp
Symbol: CNABE
Description: Power of Dream Vntr
Symbol: PWRVE
Description: View Systems Inc
Symbol: VSYME
Description: Evans Brewing Company Inc.
Symbol: ALESE
Description: Blue Line Protection Group Inc
Symbol: BLPGE
Description: Elite Data Services
Symbol: DEACE
Description: Enerpulse Technolog
Symbol: ENPTE
Description: Eventure Interactive Inc
Symbol: EVTIE
Description: World Moto Inc
Symbol: FAREE
Description: Mint Leasing Inc
Symbol: MLESE
Description: Mydx Inc
Symbol: MYDXE
Description: Pmx Communities
Symbol: PMXOE
Description: Sitestar Corp
Symbol: SYTEE
Description: Id Global Solutions Corp
Symbol: IDGSE
Description: Turnkey Capital Inc.
Symbol: TKCIE
Description: Tech Foundry Ventures Inc.
Symbol: TRYVD
Symbol: BXRO
Description: Microlin Bio Inc.
Symbol: MICBE
Description: Signal Advance Inc
Symbol: SIGLE
Description: Unifiedonline Inc
Symbol: UOIPE
Description: Tianhe Union Holdings Limited
Symbol: TUAAE
Description: Hydrocarb Energy Corporation
Symbol: HECQE
Description: Cachet Financial Solutions Inc
Symbol: CAFND
Description: Primary Bank
Symbol: PRMY
Description: Emo Capital Corp
Symbol: UNVIE
Description: Emo Capital Corp
Symbol: NUVIE
Description: Bigfoot Project Investments Inc
Symbol: BGFTE
Description: Committed Capital
Symbol: CCAWE
Description: Guided Therapeutics
Symbol: GTHPE
Description: Aspen Group Inc
Symbol: ASPUD
Description: Community Svgs Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CCSB
Description: U S Basketball Leagu
Symbol: USBLE
Symbol: CCQAE
Symbol: CCQQE
Description: Almost Never Films Inc
Symbol: HLWDE

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