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Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Exchange Data Feed Symbols

Available Symbol Pages

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The symbols and notes on these pages only apply to the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service and to the Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available from Sierra Chart.

Many of the supported Trading services use the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service for historical Daily data. Therefore, any of the symbols found on these symbol pages can be used for historical Daily charts with those Trading services.

These symbols do not apply to any other Data or Trading service that Sierra Chart supports. Each service uses its own symbol format. These symbols are not necessarily valid for those services.



Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^AEDAUD
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^AEDCAD
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^AEDCHF
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^AEDDKK
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Euro
Symbol: ^AEDEUR
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/British Pound
Symbol: ^AEDGBP
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^AEDINR
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^AEDJPY
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^AEDNOK
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^AEDNZD
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^AEDPKR
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^AEDSAR
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^AEDSEK
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^AEDUSD
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/South African Rand
Symbol: ^AEDZAR
Description: Albanian Lek/British Pound
Symbol: ^ALLGBP
Description: Argentine Peso/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^ARSAUD
Description: Argentine Peso/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^ARSBRL
Description: Argentine Peso/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^ARSCAD
Description: Argentine Peso/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^ARSCHF
Description: Argentine Peso/Euro
Symbol: ^ARSEUR
Description: Argentine Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^ARSGBP
Description: Argentine Peso/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^ARSHKD
Description: Argentine Peso/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^ARSJPY
Description: Argentine Peso/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^ARSMXN
Description: Argentine Peso/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^ARSSGD
Description: Argentine Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ARSUSD
Description: Australian Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^AUDAED
Description: Australian Dollar/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^AUDARS
Description: Australian Dollar/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^AUDBRL
Description: Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDCAD
Description: Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^AUDCHF
Description: Australian Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^AUDCNY
Description: Australian Dollar/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^AUDCZK
Description: Australian Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^AUDDKK
Description: Australian Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^AUDEUR
Description: Australian Dollar/Fiji Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDFJD
Description: Australian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^AUDGBP
Description: Australian Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDHKD
Description: Australian Dollar/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^AUDHUF
Description: Australian Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^AUDIDR
Description: Australian Dollar/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^AUDILS
Description: Australian Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^AUDINR
Description: Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^AUDJPY
Description: Australian Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^AUDKRW
Description: Australian Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^AUDMXN
Description: Australian Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^AUDMYR
Description: Australian Dollar/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^AUDNOK
Description: Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDNZD
Description: Australian Dollar/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^AUDPHP
Description: Australian Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^AUDPKR
Description: Australian Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^AUDPLN
Description: Australian Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^AUDSEK
Description: Australian Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDSGD
Description: Australian Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^AUDTHB
Description: Australian Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDTWD
Description: Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^AUDUSD
Description: Australian Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^AUDZAR
Description: Bangladesh Taka/British Pound
Symbol: ^BDTGBP
Description: Bangladesh Taka/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^BDTJPY
Description: Bulgarian Lev/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^BGNCNY
Description: Bulgarian Lev/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^BGNDKK
Description: Bulgarian Lev/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BGNUSD
Description: Bahrain Dinar/Euro
Symbol: ^BHDEUR
Description: Bahrain Dinar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^BHDPKR
Description: Brunei Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BHDUSD
Description: Brunei Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^BNDGBP
Description: Brazilian Real/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^BRLARS
Description: Brazilian Real/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^BRLAUD
Description: Brazilian Real/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^BRLCAD
Description: Brazilian Real/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^BRLCHF
Description: Brazilian Real/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^BRLCLP
Description: Brazilian Real/Euro
Symbol: ^BRLEUR
Description: Brazilian Real/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^BRLHKD
Description: Brazilian Real/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^BRLJPY
Description: Brazilian Real/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^BRLMXN
Description: Brazilian Real/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^BRLRUB
Description: Brazilian Real/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^BRLSEK
Description: Brazilian Real/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^BRLSGD
Description: Brazilian Real/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BRLUSD
Description: Brazilian Real/South African Rand
Symbol: ^BRLZAR
Description: Botswana Pula/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^BWPCHF
Description: Botswana Pula/Euro
Symbol: ^BWPEUR
Description: Botswana Pula/British Pound
Symbol: ^BWPGBP
Description: Botswana Pula/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BWPUSD
Description: Botswana Pula/South African Rand
Symbol: ^BWPZAR
Description: Canadian Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^CADAED
Description: Canadian Dollar/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^CADARS
Description: Canadian Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^CADAUD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^CADBRL
Description: Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^CADCHF
Description: Canadian Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^CADCNY
Description: Canadian Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^CADDKK
Description: Canadian Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^CADEUR
Description: Canadian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^CADGBP
Description: Canadian Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^CADHKD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Indonesian Rupia
Symbol: ^CADIDR
Description: Canadian Dollar/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^CADILS
Description: Canadian Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^CADINR
Description: Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^CADJPY
Description: Canadian Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^CADKRW
Description: Canadian Dollar/Kuwaiti Dinar
Symbol: ^CADKWD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^CADMXN
Description: Canadian Dollar/Malaysian Ringgi
Symbol: ^CADMYR
Description: Canadian Dollar/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^CADNOK
Description: Canadian Dollar/New Zealand
Symbol: ^CADNZD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^CADPKR
Description: Canadian Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^CADSEK
Description: Canadian Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^CADSGD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^CADTHB
Description: Canadian Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^CADTWD
Description: Canadian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CADUSD
Description: Canadian Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^CADZAR
Description: Swiss Franc/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^CHFAED
Description: Swiss Franc/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^CHFARS
Description: Swiss Franc/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFAUD
Description: Swiss Franc/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^CHFBRL
Description: Swiss Franc/Botswana Pula
Symbol: ^CHFBWP
Description: Swiss Franc/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFCAD
Description: Swiss Franc/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^CHFCNY
Description: Swiss Franc/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^CHFCZK
Description: Swiss Franc/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^CHFDKK
Description: Swiss Franc/Euro
Symbol: ^CHFEUR
Description: Swiss Franc/British Pound
Symbol: ^CHFGBP
Description: Swiss Franc/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFHKD
Description: Swiss Franc/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^CHFHUF
Description: Swiss Franc/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^CHFIDR
Description: Swiss Franc/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^CHFILS
Description: Swiss Franc/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^CHFINR
Description: Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^CHFJPY
Description: Swiss Franc/Korean Won
Symbol: ^CHFKRW
Description: Swiss Franc/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^CHFMXN
Description: Swiss Franc/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^CHFMYR
Description: Swiss Franc/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^CHFNOK
Description: Swiss Franc/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFNZD
Description: Swiss Franc/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^CHFPKR
Description: Swiss Franc/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^CHFPLN
Description: Swiss Franc/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^CHFSEK
Description: Swiss Franc/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFSGD
Description: Swiss Franc/Swaziland Emalangeni
Symbol: ^CHFSZL
Description: Swiss Franc/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^CHFTHB
Description: Swiss Franc/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^CHFTRY
Description: Swiss Franc/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFTWD
Description: Swiss Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CHFUSD
Description: Swiss Franc/South African Rand
Symbol: ^CHFZAR
Description: Chilean Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^CLPGBP
Description: Chinese Yuan/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYAUD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^CNYBGN
Description: Chinese Yuan/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYCAD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^CNYCHF
Description: Chinese Yuan/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^CNYDKK
Description: Chinese Yuan/Euro
Symbol: ^CNYEUR
Description: Chinese Yuan/British Pound
Symbol: ^CNYGBP
Description: Chinese Yuan/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYHKD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^CNYJPY
Description: Chinese Yuan/Malaysian Ringgi
Symbol: ^CNYMYR
Description: Chinese Yuan/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYNZD
Description: Chinese Yuan/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYUSD
Description: Chinese Yuan/South African Rand
Symbol: ^CNYZAR
Description: Colombia Peso/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^COPDKK
Description: Costa Rican Colon/British Pound
Symbol: ^CRCGBP
Description: Cyprus Pound/South African Rand
Symbol: ^CYPZAR
Description: Czech Koruna/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^CZKDKK
Description: Czech Koruna/Euro
Symbol: ^CZKEUR
Description: Czech Koruna/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^CZKJPY
Description: Czech Koruna/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^CZKMXN
Description: Czech Koruna/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^CZKNOK
Description: Czech Koruna/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^CZKSEK
Description: Czech Koruna/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CZKUSD
Description: Djibouti Francs/British Pound
Symbol: ^DJFGBP
Description: Danish Krone/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^DKKAED
Description: Danish Krone/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKAUD
Description: Danish Krone/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^DKKBGN
Description: Danish Krone/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKCAD
Description: Danish Krone/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^DKKCHF
Description: Danish Krone/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^DKKCNY
Description: Danish Krone/Colombia Peso
Symbol: ^DKKCOP
Description: Danish Krone/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^DKKCZK
Description: Danish Krone/Euro
Symbol: ^DKKEUR
Description: Danish Krone/British Pound
Symbol: ^DKKGBP
Description: Danish Krone/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKHKD
Description: Danish Krone/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^DKKHUF
Description: Danish Krone/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^DKKINR
Description: Danish Krone/Icelandic Krona
Symbol: ^DKKISK
Description: Danish Krone/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^DKKJPY
Description: Danish Krone/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^DKKMXN
Description: Danish Krone/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^DKKMYR
Description: Danish Krone/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^DKKNOK
Description: Danish Krone/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKNZD
Description: Danish Krone/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^DKKPHP
Description: Danish Krone/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^DKKPKR
Description: Danish Krone/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^DKKPLN
Description: Danish Krone/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^DKKSEK
Description: Danish Krone/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKSGD
Description: Danish Krone/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^DKKTHB
Description: Danish Krone/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^DKKTRY
Description: Danish Krone/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKTWD
Description: Danish Krone/Ukraine Hryvnia
Symbol: ^DKKUAH
Description: Danish Krone/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^DKKUSD
Description: Danish Krone/South African Rand
Symbol: ^DKKZAR
Description: Dominican Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^DOPGBP
Description: Algerian Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^DZDUSD
Description: Egyptian Pound/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^EGPJPY
Description: Egyptian Pound/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^EGPPKR
Description: Egyptian Pound/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^EGPUSD
Description: Ethiopia Birr/British Pound
Symbol: ^ETBGBP
Description: Euro/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^EURAED
Description: Euro/Afghanis
Symbol: ^EURAFN
Description: Euro/All
Symbol: ^EURALL
Description: Euro/Armenia Drams
Symbol: ^EURAMD
Description: Euro/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^EURARS
Description: Euro/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^EURAUD
Description: Euro/Bosnia-Herzegovina Mark
Symbol: ^EURBAM
Description: Euro/Barbados Dollars
Symbol: ^EURBBD
Description: Euro/Bangladesh Taka
Symbol: ^EURBDT
Description: Euro/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^EURBGN
Description: Euro/Bahrain Dinar
Symbol: ^EURBHD
Description: Euro/Burundi Francs
Symbol: ^EURBIF
Description: Euro/Brunei Darussalam Dollars
Symbol: ^EURBND
Description: Euro/Bolivia Bolivianos
Symbol: ^EURBOB
Description: Euro/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^EURBRL
Description: Euro/Bahamas Dollars
Symbol: ^EURBSD
Description: Euro/Botswana Pulas
Symbol: ^EURBWP
Description: Euro/Belize Dollars
Symbol: ^EURBZD
Description: Euro/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^EURCAD
Description: Euro/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^EURCHF
Description: Euro/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^EURCLP
Description: Euro/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^EURCNY
Description: Euro/Colombia Pesos
Symbol: ^EURCOP
Description: Euro/Costa Rica Colones
Symbol: ^EURCRC
Description: Euro/Cuba Pesos
Symbol: ^EURCUP
Description: Euro/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^EURCZK
Description: Euro/Djibouti Francs
Symbol: ^EURDJF
Description: Euro/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^EURDKK
Description: Euro/Dominican Rep Pesos
Symbol: ^EURDOP
Description: Euro/Algerian Dinar
Symbol: ^EURDZD
Description: Euro/Egyptian Pound
Symbol: ^EUREGP
Description: Euro/Ethiopia Birr
Symbol: ^EURETB
Description: Euro/Fiji Dollar
Symbol: ^EURFJD
Description: Euro/British Pound
Symbol: ^EURGBP
Description: Euro/Ghana Cedis
Symbol: ^EURGHS
Description: Euro/Guinea Francs
Symbol: ^EURGNF
Description: Euro/Guatemala Quetzales
Symbol: ^EURGTQ
Description: Euro/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^EURHKD
Description: Euro/Honduras Lempiras
Symbol: ^EURHNL
Description: Euro/Croatian Kuna
Symbol: ^EURHRK
Description: Euro/Haiti Gourdes
Symbol: ^EURHTG
Description: Euro/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^EURHUF
Description: Euro/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^EURIDR
Description: Euro/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^EURILS
Description: Euro/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^EURINR
Description: Euro/Iraq Dinars
Symbol: ^EURIQD
Description: Euro/Icelandic Krona
Symbol: ^EURISK
Description: Euro/Jamaica Dollars
Symbol: ^EURJMD
Description: Euro/Jordanian Dinar
Symbol: ^EURJOD
Description: Euro/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^EURJPY
Description: Euro/Kenyan Shilling
Symbol: ^EURKES
Description: Euro/Cambodia Riels
Symbol: ^EURKHR
Description: Euro/Korean Won
Symbol: ^EURKRW
Description: Euro/Kuwaiti Dinar
Symbol: ^EURKWD
Description: Euro/Cayman Islands Dollars
Symbol: ^EURKYD
Description: Euro/Kazakhstan Tenge
Symbol: ^EURKZT
Description: Euro/Laos Kips
Symbol: ^EURLAK
Description: Euro/Lebanese Pound
Symbol: ^EURLBP
Description: Euro/Sri Lankan Rupee
Symbol: ^EURLKR
Description: Euro/Lesotho Maloti
Symbol: ^EURLSL
Description: Euro/Libya Dinars
Symbol: ^EURLYD
Description: Euro/Moroccan Dirham
Symbol: ^EURMAD
Description: Euro/Moldova Lei
Symbol: ^EURMDL
Description: Euro/Madagascar Ariary
Symbol: ^EURMGA
Description: Euro/Macedonian Denar
Symbol: ^EURMKD
Description: Euro/Myanmar Burma Kyats
Symbol: ^EURMMK
Description: Euro/Macau Patacas
Symbol: ^EURMOP
Description: Euro/Mauritian Rupee
Symbol: ^EURMUR
Description: Euro/Maldives Rufiyaa
Symbol: ^EURMVR
Description: Euro/Malawi Kwachas
Symbol: ^EURMWK
Description: Euro/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^EURMXN
Description: Euro/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^EURMYR
Description: Euro/Namibia Dollars
Symbol: ^EURNAD
Description: Euro/Nigeria Nairas
Symbol: ^EURNGN
Description: Euro/Nicaragua Cordobas
Symbol: ^EURNIO
Description: Euro/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^EURNOK
Description: Euro/Nepal Nepal Rupe
Symbol: ^EURNPR
Description: Euro/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^EURNZD
Description: Euro/Omani Rial
Symbol: ^EUROMR
Description: Euro/Panama Balboa
Symbol: ^EURPAB
Description: Euro/Peru Nuevos Soles
Symbol: ^EURPEN
Description: Euro/Papua New Guinea Kina
Symbol: ^EURPGK
Description: Euro/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^EURPHP
Description: Euro/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^EURPKR
Description: Euro/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^EURPLN
Description: Euro/Paraguay Guarani
Symbol: ^EURPYG
Description: Euro/Qatar Riyal
Symbol: ^EURQAR
Description: Euro/Romanian Lei
Symbol: ^EURRON
Description: Euro/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^EURRSD
Description: Euro/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^EURRUB
Description: Euro/Rwanda Rwanda Francs
Symbol: ^EURRWF
Description: Euro/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^EURSAR
Description: Euro/Seychelles Rupee
Symbol: ^EURSCR
Description: Euro/Sudan Pounds
Symbol: ^EURSDG
Description: Euro/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^EURSEK
Description: Euro/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^EURSGD
Description: Euro/Somalia Shillings
Symbol: ^EURSOS
Description: Euro/El Salvador Colones
Symbol: ^EURSVC
Description: Euro/Swaziland Emalangeni
Symbol: ^EURSZL
Description: Euro/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^EURTHB
Description: Euro/Tunisian Dinar
Symbol: ^EURTND
Description: Euro/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^EURTRY
Description: Euro/Trinidad and Tobago Dollars
Symbol: ^EURTTD
Description: Euro/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^EURTWD
Description: Euro/Tanzania Shillings
Symbol: ^EURTZS
Description: Euro/Ukraine Hryvnia
Symbol: ^EURUAH
Description: Euro/Uganda Shillings
Symbol: ^EURUGX
Description: Euro/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^EURUSD
Description: Euro/Uruguay Pesos
Symbol: ^EURUYU
Description: Euro/Uzbekistan Sums
Symbol: ^EURUZS
Description: Euro/Viet Nam Dong
Symbol: ^EURVND
Description: Euro/Yemeni Rial
Symbol: ^EURYER
Description: Euro/South African Rand
Symbol: ^EURZAR
Description: Fijian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^FJDGBP
Description: British Pound/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^GBPAED
Description: British Pound/All
Symbol: ^GBPALL
Description: British Pound/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^GBPARS
Description: British Pound/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPAUD
Description: British Pound/Bangladesh Taka
Symbol: ^GBPBDT
Description: British Pound/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^GBPBGN
Description: British Pound/Bahrain Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPBHD
Description: British Pound/Burundi Francs
Symbol: ^GBPBIF
Description: British Pound/Bermudian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPBMD
Description: British Pound/Brunei Darussalam Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPBND
Description: British Pound/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^GBPBRL
Description: British Pound/Botswana Pula
Symbol: ^GBPBWP
Description: British Pound/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPCAD
Description: British Pound/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^GBPCHF
Description: British Pound/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^GBPCLP
Description: British Pound/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^GBPCNY
Description: British Pound/Colombia Pesos
Symbol: ^GBPCOP
Description: British Pound/Costa Rican Colon
Symbol: ^GBPCRC
Description: British Pound/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^GBPCZK
Description: British Pound/Djibouti Francs
Symbol: ^GBPDJF
Description: British Pound/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^GBPDKK
Description: British Pound/Dominican Peso
Symbol: ^GBPDOP
Description: British Pound/Algerian Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPDZD
Description: British Pound/Egyptian Pound
Symbol: ^GBPEGP
Description: British Pound/Ethiopia Birr
Symbol: ^GBPETB
Description: British Pound/Euro
Symbol: ^GBPEUR
Description: British Pound/Fiji Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPFJD
Description: British Pound/Guatemala Quetzal
Symbol: ^GBPGTQ
Description: British Pound/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPHKD
Description: British Pound/Honduran Lempir
Symbol: ^GBPHNL
Description: British Pound/Croatian Kuna
Symbol: ^GBPHRK
Description: British Pound/Haiti Gourde
Symbol: ^GBPHTG
Description: British Pound/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^GBPHUF
Description: British Pound/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^GBPIDR
Description: British Pound/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^GBPILS
Description: British Pound/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPINR
Description: British Pound/Iraq Dinars
Symbol: ^GBPIQD
Description: British Pound/Icelandic Krona
Symbol: ^GBPISK
Description: British Pound/Jamaica Dollars
Symbol: ^GBPJMD
Description: British Pound/Jordanian Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPJOD
Description: British Pound/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^GBPJPY
Description: British Pound/Kenyan Shilling
Symbol: ^GBPKES
Description: British Pound/Korean Won
Symbol: ^GBPKRW
Description: British Pound/Kuwaiti Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPKWD
Description: British Pound/Kazakhstan Tenge
Symbol: ^GBPKZT
Description: British Pound/Lebanese Pound
Symbol: ^GBPLBP
Description: British Pound/Sri Lanka Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPLKR
Description: British Pound/Moroccan Dirham
Symbol: ^GBPMAD
Description: British Pound/Mauritian Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPMUR
Description: British Pound/Maldives Rufiyaa
Symbol: ^GBPMVR
Description: British Pound/Malawian Kwacha
Symbol: ^GBPMWK
Description: British Pound/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^GBPMXN
Description: British Pound/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^GBPMYR
Description: British Pound/Nigerian Naira
Symbol: ^GBPNGN
Description: British Pound/Nicaraguan Cordoba
Symbol: ^GBPNIO
Description: British Pound/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^GBPNOK
Description: British Pound/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPNZD
Description: British Pound/Omani Rial
Symbol: ^GBPOMR
Description: British Pound/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^GBPPEN
Description: British Pound/Papua New Guinea Kina
Symbol: ^GBPPGK
Description: British Pound/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^GBPPHP
Description: British Pound/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPPKR
Description: British Pound/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^GBPPLN
Description: British Pound/Qatar Riyal
Symbol: ^GBPQAR
Description: British Pound/Romanian Lei
Symbol: ^GBPRON
Description: British Pound/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPRSD
Description: British Pound/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^GBPRUB
Description: British Pound/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^GBPSAR
Description: British Pound/Seychelles Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPSCR
Description: British Pound/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^GBPSEK
Description: British Pound/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPSGD
Description: British Pound/Swaziland Emalangeni
Symbol: ^GBPSZL
Description: British Pound/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^GBPTHB
Description: British Pound/Tunisian Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPTND
Description: British Pound/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^GBPTRY
Description: British Pound/Trinidad and Tobago Doll
Symbol: ^GBPTTD
Description: British Pound/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPTWD
Description: British Pound/Ukraine Hryvnia
Symbol: ^GBPUAH
Description: British Pound/Ugandan Shilling
Symbol: ^GBPUGX
Description: British Pound/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPUSD
Description: British Pound/Viet Nam Dong
Symbol: ^GBPVND
Description: British Pound/Cfa Beac Francs
Symbol: ^GBPXAF
Description: British Pound/East Caribbean Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPXCD
Description: British Pound/French Pacific
Symbol: ^GBPXPF
Description: British Pound/South African Rand
Symbol: ^GBPZAR
Description: Ghanaian Cedis/Euro
Symbol: ^GHSEUR
Description: Ghanaian Cedis/Us Dollar
Symbol: ^GHSUSD
Description: Guatemala Quetzal/British Pound
Symbol: ^GTQGBP
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^HKDARS
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDAUD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Brazil Real
Symbol: ^HKDBRL
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDCAD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^HKDCHF
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^HKDCNY
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^HKDDKK
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^HKDEUR
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^HKDGBP
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^HKDIDR
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^HKDINR
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^HKDJPY
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/South Korean Won
Symbol: ^HKDKRW
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^HKDMXN
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^HKDMYR
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDNZD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^HKDPKR
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^HKDPLN
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^HKDSEK
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDSGD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^HKDTHB
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDTWD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^HKDUSD
Description: Hong Kong Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^HKDZAR
Description: Honduran Lempir/British Pound
Symbol: ^HNLGBP
Description: Croatian Kuna/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^HRKUSD
Description: Haitian Gourde/British Pound
Symbol: ^HTGGBP
Description: Hungarian Forint/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^HUFCHF
Description: Hungarian Forint/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^HUFDKK
Description: Hungarian Forint/Euro
Symbol: ^HUFEUR
Description: Hungarian Forint/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^HUFPLN
Description: Hungarian Forint/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^HUFUSD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRAUD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRCAD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^IDRCHF
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^IDRCNY
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Euro
Symbol: ^IDREUR
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/British Pound
Symbol: ^IDRGBP
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRHKD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^IDRINR
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^IDRJPY
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Korean Won
Symbol: ^IDRKRW
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^IDRMYR
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRNZD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRSGD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^IDRTHB
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRTWD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^IDRUSD
Description: Indonesian Rupiah/South African Rand
Symbol: ^IDRZAR
Description: Israeli Shekel/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^ILSAUD
Description: Israeli Shekel/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^ILSCAD
Description: Israeli Shekel/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^ILSCHF
Description: Israeli Shekel/Jordanian Dinar
Symbol: ^ILSJOD
Description: Israeli Shekel/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^ILSJPY
Description: Israeli Shekel/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^ILSPLN
Description: Israeli Shekel/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^ILSSEK
Description: Israeli Shekel/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ILSUSD
Description: Indian Rupee/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^INRAUD
Description: Indian Rupee/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^INRCAD
Description: Indian Rupee/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^INRCHF
Description: Indian Rupee/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^INRCNY
Description: Indian Rupee/Euro
Symbol: ^INREUR
Description: Indian Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^INRGBP
Description: Indian Rupee/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^INRHKD
Description: Indian Rupee/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^INRJPY
Description: Indian Rupee/Korean Won
Symbol: ^INRKRW
Description: Indian Rupee/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^INRMYR
Description: Indian Rupee/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^INRNZD
Description: Indian Rupee/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^INRPKR
Description: Indian Rupee/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^INRSEK
Description: Indian Rupee/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^INRTHB
Description: Indian Rupee/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^INRTWD
Description: Indian Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^INRUSD
Description: Indian Rupee/South African Rand
Symbol: ^INRZAR
Description: Iraq Dinars/British Pound
Symbol: ^IQDGBP
Description: Icelandic Krona/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^ISKCHF
Description: Jamaican Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^JMDGBP
Description: Jordanian Dinar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^JODAED
Description: Jordanian Dinar/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^JODILS
Description: Jordanian Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^JODUSD
Description: Japanese Yen/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^JPYAED
Description: Japanese Yen/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^JPYARS
Description: Japanese Yen/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYAUD
Description: Japanese Yen/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^JPYBRL
Description: Japanese Yen/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYCAD
Description: Japanese Yen/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^JPYCHF
Description: Japanese Yen/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^JPYCNY
Description: Japanese Yen/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^JPYCZK
Description: Japanese Yen/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^JPYDKK
Description: Japanese Yen/Euro
Symbol: ^JPYEUR
Description: Japanese Yen/British Pound
Symbol: ^JPYGBP
Description: Japanese Yen/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYHKD
Description: Japanese Yen/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^JPYIDR
Description: Japanese Yen/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^JPYILS
Description: Japanese Yen/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^JPYINR
Description: Japanese Yen/Korean Won
Symbol: ^JPYKRW
Description: Japanese Yen/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^JPYMXN
Description: Japanese Yen/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^JPYMYR
Description: Japanese Yen/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^JPYNOK
Description: Japanese Yen/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYNZD
Description: Japanese Yen/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^JPYPKR
Description: Japanese Yen/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^JPYPLN
Description: Japanese Yen/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^JPYRUB
Description: Japanese Yen/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^JPYSEK
Description: Japanese Yen/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^JPYTHB
Description: Japanese Yen/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYTWD
Description: Japanese Yen/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^JPYUSD
Description: Japanese Yen/South African Rand
Symbol: ^JPYZAR
Description: Kenyan Shilling/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KESUSD
Description: Kenyan Shilling/South African Rand
Symbol: ^KESZAR
Description: Korean Won/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWAUD
Description: Korean Won/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWCAD
Description: Korean Won/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^KRWCHF
Description: Korean Won/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^KRWCNY
Description: Korean Won/Euro
Symbol: ^KRWEUR
Description: Korean Won/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWHKD
Description: Korean Won/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^KRWIDR
Description: Korean Won/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^KRWINR
Description: Korean Won/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^KRWJPY
Description: Korean Won/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^KRWMYR
Description: Korean Won/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWNZD
Description: Korean Won/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^KRWSEK
Description: Korean Won/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWSGD
Description: Korean Won/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^KRWTHB
Description: Korean Won/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWTWD
Description: Korean Won/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KRWUSD
Description: Korean Won/South African Rand
Symbol: ^KRWZAR
Description: Kuwaiti Dinar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^KWDAED
Description: Kuwaiti Dinar/British Pound
Symbol: ^KWDGBP
Description: Kuwaiti Dinar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^KWDPKR
Description: Kuwaiti Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KWDUSD
Description: Kazakhstan Tenge/British Pound
Symbol: ^KZTGBP
Description: Sri Lankan Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LKRUSD
Description: Moroccan Dirham/British Pound
Symbol: ^MADGBP
Description: Moroccan Dirham/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MADUSD
Description: Macedonian Denar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MKDUSD
Description: Mauritian Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^MURGBP
Description: Mauritian Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MURUSD
Description: Maldives Rufiyaa/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MVRUSD
Description: Malawian Kwachas/British Pound
Symbol: ^MWKGBP
Description: Mexican Peso/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^MXNARS
Description: Mexican Peso/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^MXNAUD
Description: Mexican Peso/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^MXNBRL
Description: Mexican Peso/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^MXNCAD
Description: Mexican Peso/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^MXNCHF
Description: Mexican Peso/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^MXNCZK
Description: Mexican Peso/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^MXNDKK
Description: Mexican Peso/Euro
Symbol: ^MXNEUR
Description: Mexican Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^MXNGBP
Description: Mexican Peso/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^MXNHKD
Description: Mexican Peso/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^MXNJPY
Description: Mexican Peso/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^MXNSGD
Description: Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MXNUSD
Description: Mexican Peso/South African Rand
Symbol: ^MXNZAR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRAUD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRCAD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^MYRCHF
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^MYRCNY
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^MYRDKK
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Euro
Symbol: ^MYREUR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/British Pound
Symbol: ^MYRGBP
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRHKD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^MYRIDR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^MYRINR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^MYRJPY
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Korean Won
Symbol: ^MYRKRW
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRNZD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^MYRPKR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRSGD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^MYRTHB
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRTWD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MYRUSD
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/South African Rand
Symbol: ^MYRZAR
Description: Nigerian Naira/British Pound
Symbol: ^NGNGBP
Description: Nigerian Naira/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^NGNJPY
Description: Nicaraguan Cordoba/British Pound
Symbol: ^NIOGBP
Description: Norwegian Krone/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^NOKCHF
Description: Norwegian Krone/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^NOKDKK
Description: Norwegian Krone/Euro
Symbol: ^NOKEUR
Description: Norwegian Krone/British Pound
Symbol: ^NOKGBP
Description: Norwegian Krone/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^NOKINR
Description: Norwegian Krone/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^NOKJPY
Description: Norwegian Krone/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^NOKPLN
Description: Norwegian Krone/Sweddish Krona
Symbol: ^NOKSEK
Description: Norwegian Krone/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^NOKUSD
Description: Norwegian Krone/South African Rand
Symbol: ^NOKZAR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^NZDAED
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDAUD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDCAD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^NZDCHF
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^NZDCNY
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^NZDCZK
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^NZDDKK
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^NZDEUR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^NZDGBP
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDHKD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^NZDHUF
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^NZDIDR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^NZDINR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^NZDJPY
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^NZDKRW
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^NZDMYR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^NZDPKR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^NZDPLN
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^NZDSEK
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDSGD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^NZDTHB
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDTWD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^NZDUSD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^NZDZAR
Description: Omani Rial/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^OMRAED
Description: Omani Rial/British Pound
Symbol: ^OMRGBP
Description: Omani Rial/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^OMRPKR
Description: Omani Rial/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^OMRUSD
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/British Pound
Symbol: ^PENGBP
Description: New Guinea Kina/British Pound
Symbol: ^PGKGBP
Description: Philippine Peso/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^PHPDKK
Description: Philippine Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^PHPGBP
Description: Philippine Peso/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^PHPJPY
Description: Philippine Peso/Us Dollar
Symbol: ^PHPUSD
Description: Pakistan Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^PKRGBP
Description: New Guinea Kina/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^PKRJPY
Description: Pakistan Rupee/South African Rand
Symbol: ^PKRZAR
Description: Polish Zloty/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^PLNDKK
Description: Polish Zloty/Euro
Symbol: ^PLNEUR
Description: Polish Zloty/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^PLNHUF
Description: Polish Zloty/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^PLNILS
Description: Polish Zloty/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^PLNJPY
Description: Polish Zloty/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^PLNNOK
Description: Polish Zloty/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^PLNSEK
Description: Polish Zloty/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PLNUSD
Description: Qatar Riyal/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^QARAED
Description: Qatar Riyal/British Pound
Symbol: ^QARGBP
Description: Qatar Riyal/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^QARPKR
Description: Qatar Riyal/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^QARUSD
Description: Qatar Riyal/South African Rand
Symbol: ^QARZAR
Description: Romanian Lei/British Pound
Symbol: ^RONGBP
Description: Romanian Lei/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^RONUSD
Description: Serbian Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^RSDUSD
Description: Russian Ruble/British Pound
Symbol: ^RUBGBP
Description: Russian Ruble/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^RUBJPY
Description: Russian Ruble/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^RUBPLN
Description: Russian Ruble/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^RUBUSD
Description: Saudi Riyal/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^SARPKR
Description: Saudi Riyal/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SARUSD
Description: Seychelles Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^SCRGBP
Description: Seychelles Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SCRUSD
Description: Swedish Krona/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^SEKAUD
Description: Swedish Krona/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^SEKCAD
Description: Swedish Krona/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^SEKCHF
Description: Swedish Krona/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^SEKCZK
Description: Swedish Krona/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^SEKDKK
Description: Swedish Krona/Euro
Symbol: ^SEKEUR
Description: Swedish Krona/British Pound
Symbol: ^SEKGBP
Description: Swedish Krona/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^SEKILS
Description: Swedish Krona/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^SEKINR
Description: Swedish Krona/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^SEKJPY
Description: Swedish Krona/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^SEKNOK
Description: Swedish Krona/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^SEKPLN
Description: Swedish Krona/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SEKUSD
Description: Swedish Krona/South African Rand
Symbol: ^SEKZAR
Description: Singapore Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^SGDAED
Description: Singapore Dollar/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^SGDARS
Description: Singapore Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDAUD
Description: Singapore Dollar/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^SGDBRL
Description: Singapore Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDCAD
Description: Singapore Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^SGDCHF
Description: Singapore Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^SGDCNY
Description: Singapore Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^SGDDKK
Description: Singapore Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^SGDEUR
Description: Singapore Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^SGDGBP
Description: Singapore Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDHKD
Description: Singapore Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^SGDIDR
Description: Singapore Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^SGDINR
Description: Singapore Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^SGDJPY
Description: Singapore Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^SGDKRW
Description: Singapore Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^SGDMXN
Description: Singapore Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^SGDMYR
Description: Singapore Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDNZD
Description: Singapore Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^SGDPKR
Description: Singapore Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^SGDPLN
Description: Singapore Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^SGDSEK
Description: Singapore Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^SGDTHB
Description: Singapore Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDTWD
Description: Singapore Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SGDUSD
Description: Singapore Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^SGDZAR
Description: ST Helena Pound/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SHPUSD
Description: Swaziland Emalangeni/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^SZLCHF
Description: Swaziland Emalangeni/Euro
Symbol: ^SZLEUR
Description: Swaziland Emalangeni/British Pound
Symbol: ^SZLGBP
Description: Swaziland Emalangeni/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SZLUSD
Description: Thai Baht/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^THBAUD
Description: Thai Baht/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^THBCAD
Description: Thai Baht/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^THBCHF
Description: Thai Baht/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^THBCNY
Description: Thai Baht/Euro
Symbol: ^THBEUR
Description: Thai Baht/British Pound
Symbol: ^THBGBP
Description: Thai Baht/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^THBHKD
Description: Thai Baht/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^THBIDR
Description: Thai Baht/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^THBINR
Description: Thai Baht/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^THBJPY
Description: Thai Baht/Korean Won
Symbol: ^THBKRW
Description: Thai Baht/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^THBMYR
Description: Thai Baht/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^THBNZD
Description: Thai Baht/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^THBPKR
Description: Thai Baht/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^THBSGD
Description: Thai Baht/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^THBTWD
Description: Thai Baht/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^THBUSD
Description: Thai Baht/South African Rand
Symbol: ^THBZAR
Description: Tunisian Dinar/British Pound
Symbol: ^TNDGBP
Description: Tunisian Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TNDUSD
Description: Turkish Lira/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^TRYCHF
Description: Turkish New Lira/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^TRYDKK
Description: Turkish Lira/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^TRYJPY
Description: Turkish New Lira/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TRYUSD
Description: Turkish Lira/South African Rand
Symbol: ^TRYZAR
Description: Tobago Trinidad/British Pound
Symbol: ^TTDGBP
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDAUD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDCAD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^TWDCHF
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^TWDCNY
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^TWDDKK
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDHKD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^TWDIDR
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^TWDINR
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^TWDJPY
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^TWDKRW
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^TWDMYR
Description: Taiwan Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDNZD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^TWDPKR
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^TWDSEK
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDSGD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^TWDTHB
Description: Taiwan Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TWDUSD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^TWDZAR
Description: Tanzanian Shilling/South African Rand
Symbol: ^TZSZAR
Description: Ukraine Hryvnia/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^UAHDKK
Description: U.S. Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^USDAED
Description: U.S. Dollar/All
Symbol: ^USDALL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Armenia Drams
Symbol: ^USDAMD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^USDARS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^USDAUD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bangladesh Taka
Symbol: ^USDBDT
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^USDBGN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bahrain Dinar
Symbol: ^USDBHD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Burundi Francs
Symbol: ^USDBIF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Brunei Darussalam Dollars
Symbol: ^USDBND
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bolivia Bolivianos
Symbol: ^USDBOB
Description: U.S. Dollar/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^USDBRL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Botswana Pulas
Symbol: ^USDBWP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Belize Dollars
Symbol: ^USDBZD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^USDCAD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^USDCHF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^USDCLP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^USDCNY
Description: U.S. Dollar/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^USDCOP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Costa Rica Colones
Symbol: ^USDCRC
Description: U.S. Dollar/Cuba Pesos
Symbol: ^USDCUP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Cape Verde Escudos
Symbol: ^USDCVE
Description: U.S. Dollar/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^USDCZK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Djibouti Francs
Symbol: ^USDDJF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^USDDKK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Dominican Peso
Symbol: ^USDDOP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Algerian Dinar
Symbol: ^USDDZD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Egyptian Pound
Symbol: ^USDEGP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Ethiopia Birr
Symbol: ^USDETB
Description: U.S. Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^USDEUR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Fiji Dollar
Symbol: ^USDFJD
Description: U.S. Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^USDGBP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Georgian Lari
Symbol: ^USDGEL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Ghanaian Cedis
Symbol: ^USDGHS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Gambia Dalasi
Symbol: ^USDGMD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Guinean Franc
Symbol: ^USDGNF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Guatemala Quetzal
Symbol: ^USDGTQ
Description: U.S. Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^USDHKD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Honduras Lempira
Symbol: ^USDHNL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Croatian Kuna
Symbol: ^USDHRK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Haiti Gourdes
Symbol: ^USDHTG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^USDHUF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^USDIDR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^USDILS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^USDINR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Iraq Dinars
Symbol: ^USDIQD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Icelandic Krona
Symbol: ^USDISK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Jordanian Dinar
Symbol: ^USDJOD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^USDJPY
Description: U.S. Dollar/Kenyan Shilling
Symbol: ^USDKES
Description: U.S. Dollar/Cambodia Riels
Symbol: ^USDKHR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Comoros Franc
Symbol: ^USDKMF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: ^USDKRW
Description: U.S. Dollar/Kuwaiti Dinar
Symbol: ^USDKWD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Kazakhstan Tenge
Symbol: ^USDKZT
Description: U.S. Dollar/Laos Kips
Symbol: ^USDLAK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Lebanese Pound
Symbol: ^USDLBP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Sri Lankan Rupee
Symbol: ^USDLKR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Lesotho Maloti
Symbol: ^USDLSL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Libya Dinars
Symbol: ^USDLYD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Moroccan Dirham
Symbol: ^USDMAD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Moldova Lei
Symbol: ^USDMDL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Madagascar Ariary
Symbol: ^USDMGA
Description: U.S. Dollar/Macedonian Denar
Symbol: ^USDMKD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Myanmar Burma Kyats
Symbol: ^USDMMK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Macau Patacas
Symbol: ^USDMOP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Mauritian Rupee
Symbol: ^USDMUR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Maldives Rufiyaa
Symbol: ^USDMVR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Malawi Kwachas
Symbol: ^USDMWK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^USDMXN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^USDMYR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Namibia Dollars
Symbol: ^USDNAD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Nigerian Naira
Symbol: ^USDNGN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Nicaraguan Cordoba
Symbol: ^USDNIO
Description: U.S. Dollar/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^USDNOK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Nepal Nepal Rupees
Symbol: ^USDNPR
Description: U.S. Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^USDNZD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Omani Rial
Symbol: ^USDOMR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Panama Balboa
Symbol: ^USDPAB
Description: U.S. Dollar/Peruvian Sol
Symbol: ^USDPEN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Papua New Guinea Kina
Symbol: ^USDPGK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^USDPHP
Description: U.S. Dollar/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^USDPKR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^USDPLN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Paraguay Guarani
Symbol: ^USDPYG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Qatari Riyal
Symbol: ^USDQAR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Romanian Leu
Symbol: ^USDRON
Description: U.S. Dollar/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^USDRSD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^USDRUB
Description: U.S. Dollar/Rwanda Rwanda Francs
Symbol: ^USDRWF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^USDSAR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Seychelles Rupee
Symbol: ^USDSCR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Sudan Pounds
Symbol: ^USDSDG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^USDSEK
Description: U.S. Dollar/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^USDSGD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Somali Shillings
Symbol: ^USDSOS
Description: U.S. Dollar/El Salvador Colones
Symbol: ^USDSVC
Description: U.S. Dollar/Swaziland Emalangeni
Symbol: ^USDSZL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^USDTHB
Description: U.S. Dollar/Tunisian Dinars
Symbol: ^USDTND
Description: U.S. Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^USDTRY
Description: U.S. Dollar/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^USDTWD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Tanzania Shillings
Symbol: ^USDTZS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Ukraine Hryvnia
Symbol: ^USDUAH
Description: U.S. Dollar/Uruguay Pesos
Symbol: ^USDUYU
Description: U.S. Dollar/Uzbekistan Sums
Symbol: ^USDUZS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Vietnam Dong
Symbol: ^USDVND
Description: U.S. Dollar/Cfa Beac Francs
Symbol: ^USDXAF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Cfa Bceao Francs
Symbol: ^USDXOF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Comptoirs Francais Du Pacif
Symbol: ^USDXPF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Yemeni Rial
Symbol: ^USDYER
Description: U.S. Dollar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^USDZAR
Description: Vietnam Dong/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^VNDJPY
Description: Vietnam Dong/Beac Francs
Symbol: ^VNDXAF
Description: Silver/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^XAGAUD
Description: Silver/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^XAGBRL
Description: Silver/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^XAGCAD
Description: Silver/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^XAGCNY
Description: Silver/Euro
Symbol: ^XAGEUR
Description: Silver/British Pound
Symbol: ^XAGGBP
Description: Silver/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^XAGINR
Description: Silver/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^XAGJPY
Description: Silver/Korean Won
Symbol: ^XAGKRW
Description: Silver/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^XAGMXN
Description: Silver/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^XAGRUB
Description: Silver/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^XAGSAR
Description: Silver/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^XAGTRY
Description: Silver
Symbol: ^XAGUSD
Description: Silver/South African Rand
Symbol: ^XAGZAR
Description: Gold/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^XAUAUD
Description: Gold/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^XAUBRL
Description: Gold/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^XAUCAD
Description: Gold/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^XAUCNY
Description: Gold/Euro
Symbol: ^XAUEUR
Description: Gold/British Pound
Symbol: ^XAUGBP
Description: Gold/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^XAUINR
Description: Gold/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^XAUJPY
Description: Gold/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^XAUMXN
Description: Gold/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^XAURUB
Description: Gold/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^XAUSAR
Description: Gold/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^XAUTRY
Description: Gold
Symbol: ^XAUUSD
Description: Gold/South African Rand
Symbol: ^XAUZAR
Description: East Caribbean Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^XCDGBP
Description: Palladium/Euro
Symbol: ^XPDEUR
Description: Palladium
Symbol: ^XPDUSD
Description: French Pacific/British Pound
Symbol: ^XPFGBP
Description: Platinum/Euro
Symbol: ^XPTEUR
Description: Platinum/British Pound
Symbol: ^XPTGBP
Description: Platinum
Symbol: ^XPTUSD
Description: Yemeni Rials/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^YERUSD
Description: South African Rand/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^ZARAED
Description: South African Rand/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARAUD
Description: South African Rand/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^ZARBRL
Description: South African Rand/Botswana Pula
Symbol: ^ZARBWP
Description: South African Rand/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARCAD
Description: South African Rand/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^ZARCHF
Description: South African Rand/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^ZARCNY
Description: South African Rand/Cyprus Pound
Symbol: ^ZARCYP
Description: South African Rand/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^ZARDKK
Description: South African Rand/Euro
Symbol: ^ZAREUR
Description: South African Rand/British Pound
Symbol: ^ZARGBP
Description: South African Rand/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARHKD
Description: South African Rand/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^ZARIDR
Description: South African Rand/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^ZARINR
Description: South African Rand/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^ZARJPY
Description: South African Rand/Kenyan Shilling
Symbol: ^ZARKES
Description: South African Rand/Korean Won
Symbol: ^ZARKRW
Description: South African Rand/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^ZARMXN
Description: South African Rand/Malaysian Ringgit
Symbol: ^ZARMYR
Description: South African Rand/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^ZARNOK
Description: South African Rand/New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARNZD
Description: South African Rand/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^ZARPHP
Description: South African Rand/Pakistan Rupee
Symbol: ^ZARPKR
Description: South African Rand/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^ZARSEK
Description: South African Rand/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARSGD
Description: South African Rand/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^ZARTHB
Description: South African Rand/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^ZARTRY
Description: South African Rand/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARTWD
Description: South African Rand/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARUSD
Description: Brazilian Real/Korean Won
Symbol: ^BRLKRW
Description: Canadian Dollar/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^CADRUB
Description: Canadian Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^CADTRY
Description: Swiss Franc/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^CHFRUB
Description: Chilean Peso/Euro
Symbol: ^CLPEUR
Description: Chinese Yuan/Korean Won
Symbol: ^CNYKRW
Description: Czech Koruna/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^CZKPLN
Description: Euro/Chinese Offshore Spot
Symbol: ^EURCNH
Description: Japanese Yen/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^JPYCLP
Description: Korean Won/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^KRWBRL
Description: Korean Won/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^KRWRUB
Description: Moldova Lei/Euro
Symbol: ^MDLEUR
Description: Polish Zloty/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^PLNCZK
Description: Polish Zloty/British Pound
Symbol: ^PLNGBP
Description: Russian Ruble/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^RUBCHF
Description: Russian Ruble/Korean Won
Symbol: ^RUBKRW
Description: Ukraine Hryvnia/Euro
Symbol: ^UAHEUR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Chinese Offshore Spot
Symbol: ^USDCNH
Description: Palladium/British Pound
Symbol: ^XPDGBP
Description: Swiss Franc/Romanian Lei
Symbol: ^CHFRON
Description: Czech Koruna/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^CZKCHF
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^NZDNOK
Description: Polish Zloty/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^PLNCHF
Description: Romanian Lei/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^RONCHF
Description: Argentine Peso/South African Rand
Symbol: ^ARSZAR
Description: Canadian Dollar/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^CADPLN
Description: Croatian Kuna/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^HRKPLN
Description: Mauritian Rupee/South African Rand
Symbol: ^MURZAR
Description: Turkish New Lira/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^TRYPLN
Description: South African Rand/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^ZARARS
Description: South African Rand/Mauritian Rupee
Symbol: ^ZARMUR
Description: South African Rand/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^ZARPLN
Description: Zambian Kwacha/South African Rand
Symbol: ^ZMWZAR
Description: Australian Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^AUDCNH
Description: Australian Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^AUDTRY
Description: Chinese Yuan/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^CNHHKD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^CNHJPY
Description: Croatian Kuna/Euro
Symbol: ^HRKEUR
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^NZDMXN
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^NZDTRY
Description: Omani Rial/South African Rand
Symbol: ^OMRZAR
Description: Silver/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^XAGHKD
Description: Gold/Hong Kong Dollar
Symbol: ^XAUHKD
Description: South African Rand/Omani Rial
Symbol: ^ZAROMR
Description: Aruba Guilder/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^AWGUSD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^CADCNH
Description: Congolese Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CDFUSD
Description: Swiss Franc/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^CHFCNH
Description: Chilean Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CLPUSD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol: ^CNHIDR
Description: Chinese Yuan/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^CNHINR
Description: Chinese Yuan/Korean Won
Symbol: ^CNHKRW
Description: Chinese Yuan/Philippine Peso
Symbol: ^CNHPHP
Description: Chinese Yuan/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^CNHTHB
Description: Chinese Yuan/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^CNHTWD
Description: Algerian Dinar/Euro
Symbol: ^DZDEUR
Description: Egyptian Pound/Euro
Symbol: ^EGPEUR
Description: Fijian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^FJDUSD
Description: British Pound/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^GBPCNH
Description: Jordanian Dinar/Euro
Symbol: ^JODEUR
Description: Kenyan Shilling/Euro
Symbol: ^KESEUR
Description: Comoros Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KMFUSD
Description: Lebanese Pound/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LBPUSD
Description: Liberia Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LRDUSD
Description: Moldovan Leu/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MDLUSD
Description: Mauritian Rupee/Euro
Symbol: ^MUREUR
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^MYRCNH
Description: Mozambique Metical/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MZNUSD
Description: Norwegian Krone/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^NOKCNH
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^NZDCNH
Description: Saudi Riyal/Euro
Symbol: ^SAREUR
Description: Swedish Krona/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^SEKCNH
Description: Singapore Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^SGDCNH
Description: Sierra Leonean Leone/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SLLUSD
Description: Turkmenistan Manat/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TMTUSD
Description: Ukrainian Hryvnia/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^UAHUSD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Afghanistan Afghani
Symbol: ^USDAFN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Aruba Guilder
Symbol: ^USDAWG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Congolese Franc
Symbol: ^USDCDF
Description: U.S. Dollar/Liberia Dollar
Symbol: ^USDLRD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Mozambique Metical
Symbol: ^USDMZN
Description: U.S. Dollar/Sierra Leonean
Symbol: ^USDSLL
Description: U.S. Dollar/Turkmenistan Manat
Symbol: ^USDTMT
Description: Uruguayan Peso/Euro
Symbol: ^UYUEUR
Description: Uruguayan Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^UYUUSD
Description: Gold/Thai Baht
Symbol: ^XAUTHB
Description: Australian Dollar/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^AUDBGN
Description: Australian Dollar/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^AUDCLP
Description: Australian Dollar/Croatian Kuna
Symbol: ^AUDHRK
Description: Australian Dollar/Lithuanian Litas
Symbol: ^AUDLTL
Description: Australian Dollar/Moroccan Dirham
Symbol: ^AUDMAD
Description: Bulgarian Lev/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^BGNAUD
Description: Bulgarian Lev/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^BGNCAD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Bulgarian Lev
Symbol: ^CADBGN
Description: Canadian Dollar/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^CADCLP
Description: Canadian Dollar/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^CADCZK
Description: Canadian Dollar/Croatian Kuna
Symbol: ^CADHRK
Description: Canadian Dollar/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^CADHUF
Description: Chilean Peso/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^CLPAUD
Description: Chilean Peso/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^CLPCAD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Taiwan Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYTWD
Description: Czech Koruna/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^CZKCAD
Description: Egyptian Pound/South African Rand
Symbol: ^EGPZAR
Description: Croatian Kuna/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^HRKAUD
Description: Croatian Kuna/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^HRKCAD
Description: Hungarian Forint/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^HUFCAD
Description: Hungarian Forint/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^HUFJPY
Description: Sri Lankan Rupee/South African Rand
Symbol: ^LKRZAR
Description: Lithuanian Litas/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^LTLAUD
Description: Moroccan Dirham/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^MADAUD
Description: Mexican Peso/Polish Zloty
Symbol: ^MXNPLN
Description: Nigerian Naira/South African Rand
Symbol: ^NGNZAR
Description: Norwegian Krone/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^NOKILS
Description: Polish Zloty/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^PLNMXN
Description: South African Rand/Egyptian Pound
Symbol: ^ZAREGP
Description: South African Rand/Sri Lankan Rupee
Symbol: ^ZARLKR
Description: South African Rand/Nigerian Naira
Symbol: ^ZARNGN
Description: Australian Dollar/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^AUDRUB
Description: Czech Koruna/South African Rand
Symbol: ^CZKZAR
Description: British Pound/Yemeni Rial
Symbol: ^GBPYER
Description: Hungarian Forint/South African Rand
Symbol: ^HUFZAR
Description: Israeli Shekel/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^ILSNOK
Description: Mexican Peso/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^MXNRUB
Description: Russian Ruble/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^RUBAUD
Description: Russian Ruble/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^RUBCAD
Description: Russian Ruble/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^RUBMXN
Description: Russian Ruble/South African Rand
Symbol: ^RUBZAR
Description: Singapore Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^SGDTRY
Description: Turkish New Lira/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^TRYSGD
Description: Yemeni Rial/British Pound
Symbol: ^YERGBP
Description: South African Rand/Czech Koruna
Symbol: ^ZARCZK
Description: Bermudian Dollar/Barbados Dollars
Symbol: ^BMDBBD
Description: Bermudian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^BMDCAD
Description: Bermudian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^BMDGBP
Description: Brazilian Real/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^BRLRSD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Bermudian Dollar
Symbol: ^CADBMD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Cayman Islands Dollars
Symbol: ^CADKYD
Description: Swiss Franc/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^CHFRSD
Description: Chinese Yuan/Indian Rupee
Symbol: ^CNYINR
Description: Chinese Yuan/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^CNYSGD
Description: Colombia Peso/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^COPARS
Description: Colombia Peso/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^COPBRL
Description: Colombia Peso/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^COPMXN
Description: Costa Rica Colones/Euro
Symbol: ^CRCEUR
Description: British Pound/Macedonian Denar
Symbol: ^GBPMKD
Description: Israeli Shekel/South African Rand
Symbol: ^ILSZAR
Description: Indian Rupee/Singapore Dollar
Symbol: ^INRSGD
Description: Japanese Yen/Serbian Dinar
Symbol: ^JPYRSD
Description: Japanese Yen/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^JPYSAR
Description: Kuwaiti Dinar/Euro
Symbol: ^KWDEUR
Description: Cayman Islands Dollars/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^KYDCAD
Description: Moroccan Dirham/South African Rand
Symbol: ^MADZAR
Description: Macedonian Denar/British Pound
Symbol: ^MKDGBP
Description: Norwegian Krone/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^NOKRUB
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^PENARS
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^PENBRL
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^PENCAD
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^PENMXN
Description: Romanian Lei//South African Rand
Symbol: ^RONZAR
Description: Serbian Dinar/British Pound
Symbol: ^RSDGBP
Description: Russian Ruble/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^RUBDKK
Description: Russian Ruble/Euro
Symbol: ^RUBEUR
Description: Saudi Riyal/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^SARJPY
Description: Swedish Krona/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^SEKRUB
Description: Tunisian Dinar/South African Rand
Symbol: ^TNDZAR
Description: South African Rand/Hungarian Forint
Symbol: ^ZARHUF
Description: South African Rand/Israeli Shekel
Symbol: ^ZARILS
Description: South African Rand/Moroccan Dirham
Symbol: ^ZARMAD
Description: South African Rand/Romanian Lei
Symbol: ^ZARRON
Description: South African Rand/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^ZARRUB
Description: South African Rand/Tunisian Dinar
Symbol: ^ZARTND
Description: U.A.E. Dirham/Bahraini Dinar
Symbol: ^AEDBHD
Description: Afghan Afghani/British Pound
Symbol: ^AFNGBP
Description: Albanian Lek/Euro
Symbol: ^ALLEUR
Description: Albanian Lek/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ALLUSD
Description: Armenian Dram/British Pound
Symbol: ^AMDGBP
Description: Argentine Peso/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^ARSCLP
Description: Argentine Peso/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^ARSCOP
Description: Argentine Peso/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^ARSPEN
Description: Australian Dollar/Papua New Guinea Kina
Symbol: ^AUDPGK
Description: Aruba Guilder/British Pound
Symbol: ^AWGGBP
Description: Bosnian Marka/British Pound
Symbol: ^BAMGBP
Description: Bosnian Marka/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BAMUSD
Description: Barbados Dollars/Euro
Symbol: ^BBDEUR
Description: Barbados Dollars/British Pound
Symbol: ^BBDGBP
Description: Barbados Dollars/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BBDUSD
Description: Bangladeshi Taka/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BDTUSD
Description: Burundian Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BIFUSD
Description: Bermudian Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^BMDEUR
Description: Bermudian Dollar/Caymanian Dollar
Symbol: ^BMDKYD
Description: Bruneian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BNDUSD
Description: Bolivian Boliviano/British Pound
Symbol: ^BOBGBP
Description: Bolivian Boliviano/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BOBUSD
Description: Brazilian Real/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^BRLCOP
Description: Brazilian Real/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^BRLPEN
Description: Bahamian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^BSDGBP
Description: Bahamian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BSDUSD
Description: Bhutanese Ngultrum/British Pound
Symbol: ^BTNGBP
Description: Bhutanese Ngultrum/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BTNUSD
Description: Belizean Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^BZDUSD
Description: Canadian Dollar/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^CADCOP
Description: Canadian Dollar/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^CADPEN
Description: Canadian Dollar/Saudi Riyal
Symbol: ^CADSAR
Description: Congolese Franc/British Pound
Symbol: ^CDFGBP
Description: Swiss Franc/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^CHFCLP
Description: Chilean Peso/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^CLPARS
Description: Chilean Peso/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^CLPBRL
Description: Chilean Peso/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^CLPCHF
Description: Chilean Peso/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^CLPCNY
Description: Chilean Peso/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^CLPCOP
Description: Chilean Peso/Mexican Peso
Symbol: ^CLPMXN
Description: Chilean Peso/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^CLPPEN
Description: Chinese Yuan/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^CNYCLP
Description: Colombian Peso/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^COPCAD
Description: Colombian Peso/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^COPCLP
Description: Colombian Peso/South African Rand
Symbol: ^COPZAR
Description: Costa Rican Colon/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CRCUSD
Description: Cuban Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CUPUSD
Description: Cape Verdean Escudo/British Pound
Symbol: ^CVEGBP
Description: Cape Verdean Escudo/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^CVEUSD
Description: Djiboutian Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^DJFUSD
Description: Dominican Peso/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^DOPUSD
Description: Ethiopian Birr/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ETBUSD
Description: Euro/Bermudian Dollar
Symbol: ^EURBMD
Description: Euro/Bhutanese Ngultrum
Symbol: ^EURBTN
Description: Euro/Guyanese Dollar
Symbol: ^EURGYD
Description: Euro/Liberian Dollar
Symbol: ^EURLRD
Description: Euro/Tajikistani Somoni
Symbol: ^EURTJS
Description: Euro/Zambian Kwacha
Symbol: ^EURZMW
Description: British Pound/Afghan Afghani
Symbol: ^GBPAFN
Description: British Pound/Armenian Dram
Symbol: ^GBPAMD
Description: British Pound/Aruban Guilder
Symbol: ^GBPAWG
Description: British Pound/Bosnian Marka
Symbol: ^GBPBAM
Description: British Pound/Barbados Dollars
Symbol: ^GBPBBD
Description: British Pound/Bolivian Boliviano
Symbol: ^GBPBOB
Description: British Pound/Bahamian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPBSD
Description: British Pound/Bhutanese Ngultrum
Symbol: ^GBPBTN
Description: British Pound/Belizean Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPBZD
Description: British Pound/Cuban Peso
Symbol: ^GBPCUP
Description: British Pound/Cape Verdean Escudo
Symbol: ^GBPCVE
Description: British Pound/Ghanaian Cedi
Symbol: ^GBPGHS
Description: British Pound/Guyanese Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPGYD
Description: British Pound/Comoran Franc
Symbol: ^GBPKMF
Description: British Pound/Caymanian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPKYD
Description: British Pound/Liberian Dollar
Symbol: ^GBPLRD
Description: British Pound/Basotho Loti
Symbol: ^GBPLSL
Description: British Pound/Libyan Dinar
Symbol: ^GBPLYD
Description: British Pound/Moldovan Leu
Symbol: ^GBPMDL
Description: British Pound/Macau Pataca
Symbol: ^GBPMOP
Description: British Pound/Nepalese Rupee
Symbol: ^GBPNPR
Description: British Pound/Panamanian Balboa
Symbol: ^GBPPAB
Description: British Pound/Somali Shilling
Symbol: ^GBPSOS
Description: British Pound/Salvadoran Colon
Symbol: ^GBPSVC
Description: British Pound/Uruguayan Peso
Symbol: ^GBPUYU
Description: British Pound/Cfa Franc
Symbol: ^GBPXOF
Description: British Pound/Zambian Kwacha
Symbol: ^GBPZMW
Description: Ghanaian Cedi/British Pound
Symbol: ^GHSGBP
Description: Ghanaian Cedi/South African Rand
Symbol: ^GHSZAR
Description: Guinean Franc/British Pound
Symbol: ^GNFGBP
Description: Guinean Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^GNFUSD
Description: Guatemalan Quetzal/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^GTQUSD
Description: Guyanese Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^GYDGBP
Description: Guyanese Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^GYDUSD
Description: Honduran Lempira/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^HNLUSD
Description: Haitian Gourde/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^HTGUSD
Description: Israeli Shekel/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^ILSAED
Description: Israeli Shekel/Euro
Symbol: ^ILSEUR
Description: Iraqi Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^IQDUSD
Description: Icelandic Krona/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ISKUSD
Description: Jamaican Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^JMDUSD
Description: Cambodian Riel/British Pound
Symbol: ^KHRGBP
Description: Cambodian Riel/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KHRUSD
Description: Comoran Franc/British Pound
Symbol: ^KMFGBP
Description: Caymanian Dollar/Bermudian Dollar
Symbol: ^KYDBMD
Description: Caymanian Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^KYDEUR
Description: Caymanian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^KYDGBP
Description: Caymanian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KYDUSD
Description: Kazakhstani Tenge/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^KZTUSD
Description: Laos Kips/British Pound
Symbol: ^LAKGBP
Description: Laos Kips/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LAKUSD
Description: Sri Lankan Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^LKRGBP
Description: Liberian Dollar/British Pound
Symbol: ^LRDGBP
Description: Basotho Loti/British Pound
Symbol: ^LSLGBP
Description: Basotho Loti/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LSLUSD
Description: Libyan Dinar/British Pound
Symbol: ^LYDGBP
Description: Libyan Dinar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^LYDUSD
Description: Moldovan Leu/British Pound
Symbol: ^MDLGBP
Description: Malagasy Ariary/British Pound
Symbol: ^MGAGBP
Description: Malagasy Ariary/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MGAUSD
Description: Burmese Kyat/British Pound
Symbol: ^MMKGBP
Description: Burmese Kyat/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MMKUSD
Description: Macau Pataca/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MOPUSD
Description: Malawian Kwacha/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^MWKUSD
Description: Malawian Kwacha/South African Rand
Symbol: ^MWKZAR
Description: Mexican Peso/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^MXNCLP
Description: Mexican Peso/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^MXNCOP
Description: Mexican Peso/Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Symbol: ^MXNPEN
Description: Nigerian Naira/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^NGNUSD
Description: Nicaraguan Cordoba/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^NIOUSD
Description: Norwegian Krone/U.A.E. Dirham
Symbol: ^NOKAED
Description: Nepalese Rupee/British Pound
Symbol: ^NPRGBP
Description: Nepalese Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^NPRUSD
Description: Panamanian Balboa/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PABUSD
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Chilean Peso
Symbol: ^PENCLP
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^PENCOP
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Euro
Symbol: ^PENEUR
Description: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PENUSD
Description: Papua New Guinea Kina/Australian Dollar
Symbol: ^PGKAUD
Description: Papua New Guinea Kina/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PGKUSD
Description: Pakistani Rupee/Euro
Symbol: ^PKREUR
Description: Pakistani Rupee/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PKRUSD
Description: Paraguayan Guarani/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^PYGUSD
Description: Rwandan Franc/British Pound
Symbol: ^RWFGBP
Description: Rwandan Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^RWFUSD
Description: Rwandan Franc/South African Rand
Symbol: ^RWFZAR
Description: Saudi Riyal/Kuwaiti Dinar
Symbol: ^SARKWD
Description: Singapore Dollar/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^SGDNOK
Description: Sierra Leonean Leone/British Pound
Symbol: ^SLLGBP
Description: Somali Shilling/British Pound
Symbol: ^SOSGBP
Description: Somali Shilling/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SOSUSD
Description: Salvadoran Colon/British Pound
Symbol: ^SVCGBP
Description: Salvadoran Colon/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^SVCUSD
Description: Swazi Lilangeni/South African Rand
Symbol: ^SZLZAR
Description: Tajikistani Somoni/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TJSUSD
Description: Trinidadian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TTDUSD
Description: Taiwan Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^TWDEUR
Description: Tanzanian Shillings/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^TZSUSD
Description: Ugandan Shillings/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^UGXUSD
Description: Ugandan Shillings/South African Rand
Symbol: ^UGXZAR
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bosnian Marka
Symbol: ^USDBAM
Description: U.S. Dollar/Barbados Dollars
Symbol: ^USDBBD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Bahamian Dollar
Symbol: ^USDBSD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Guyanese Dollar
Symbol: ^USDGYD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Jamaican Dollar
Symbol: ^USDJMD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Kyrgyzstani Som
Symbol: ^USDKGS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Caymanian Dollar
Symbol: ^USDKYD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Tajikistani Somoni
Symbol: ^USDTJS
Description: U.S. Dollar/Trinidadian Dollar
Symbol: ^USDTTD
Description: U.S. Dollar/East Caribbean Dollar
Symbol: ^USDXCD
Description: U.S. Dollar/Zambian Kwacha
Symbol: ^USDZMW
Description: Uruguayan Peso/British Pound
Symbol: ^UYUGBP
Description: Uzbekistani Som/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^UZSUSD
Description: Vietnamese Dong/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^VNDCAD
Description: Vietnamese Dong/Euro
Symbol: ^VNDEUR
Description: Vietnamese Dong/British Pound
Symbol: ^VNDGBP
Description: Vietnam Dong/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^VNDUSD
Description: Central African Cfa Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^XAFUSD
Description: Cfa Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^XOFUSD
Description: Cfp Franc/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^XPFUSD
Description: South African Rand/Colombian Peso
Symbol: ^ZARCOP
Description: South African Rand/Ghanaian Cedi
Symbol: ^ZARGHS
Description: South African Rand/Basotho Loti
Symbol: ^ZARLSL
Description: South African Rand/Malawian Kwacha
Symbol: ^ZARMWK
Description: South African Rand/Namibian Dollar
Symbol: ^ZARNAD
Description: South African Rand/Rwandan Franc
Symbol: ^ZARRWF
Description: South African Rand/Swazi Lilangeni
Symbol: ^ZARSZL
Description: South African Rand/Ugandan Shillings
Symbol: ^ZARUGX
Description: South African Rand/Uruguayan Peso
Symbol: ^ZARUYU
Description: Zambian Kwacha/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^ZMWUSD
Description: British Pound/Rwandan Franc
Symbol: ^GBPRWF
Description: Australian Dollar/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^AUDLFX
Description: Brazilian Real/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^BRLDKK
Description: Canadian Dollar/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^CADLFX
Description: Swiss Franc/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^CHFLFX
Description: Danish Krone/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^DKKBRL
Description: Euro/Gambia Dalasi
Symbol: ^EURGMD
Description: Euro/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^EURLFX
Description: British Pound/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^GBPLFX
Description: Icelandic Krona/Danish Krone
Symbol: ^ISKDKK
Description: Icelandic Krona/British Pound
Symbol: ^ISKGBP
Description: Khazanah Sukuk/Japanese Yen
Symbol: ^LFXJPY
Description: Norwegian Krone/Canadian Dollar
Symbol: ^NOKCAD
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Khazanah Sukuk
Symbol: ^NZDLFX
Description: U.S. Dollar/Iranian Rial
Symbol: ^USDIRR
Description: Silver/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^XAGARS
Description: Silver/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^XAGCHF
Description: Gold/Argentine Peso
Symbol: ^XAUARS
Description: Gold/Swiss Franc
Symbol: ^XAUCHF
Description: Russian Ruble/Swedish Krona
Symbol: ^RUBSEK
Description: EUR/USD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.B
Description: EUR/USD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.A
Description: EUR/USD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.C
Description: EUR/USD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.D
Description: EUR/USD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.E
Description: EUR/USD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.G
Description: EUR/USD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.H
Description: EUR/USD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.J
Description: EUR/USD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.K
Description: EUR/USD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.M
Description: EUR/USD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.N
Description: EUR/USD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.O
Description: EUR/USD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.Q
Description: EUR/USD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.S
Description: EUR/USD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.U
Description: EUR/USD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.V
Description: EUR/USD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.X
Description: EUR/USD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.Y
Description: EUR/USD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.2
Description: EUR/USD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.3
Description: EUR/USD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.4
Description: EUR/USD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.5
Description: EUR/USD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.6
Description: EUR/USD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.7
Description: AUD/CAD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.1
Description: AUD/CAD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.2
Description: AUD/CAD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.3
Description: AUD/CAD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.4
Description: AUD/CAD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.5
Description: AUD/CAD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.6
Description: AUD/CAD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.7
Description: AUD/CAD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.A
Description: AUD/CAD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.B
Description: AUD/CAD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.C
Description: AUD/CAD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.D
Description: AUD/CAD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.E
Description: AUD/CAD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.G
Description: AUD/CAD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.H
Description: AUD/CAD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.J
Description: AUD/CAD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.K
Description: AUD/CAD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.M
Description: AUD/CAD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.N
Description: AUD/CAD Overnight Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.O
Description: AUD/CAD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.Q
Description: AUD/CAD Spot Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.S
Description: AUD/CAD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.U
Description: AUD/CAD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.V
Description: AUD/CAD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.X
Description: AUD/CAD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCAD.Y
Description: AUD/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.1
Description: AUD/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.2
Description: AUD/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.3
Description: AUD/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.4
Description: AUD/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.5
Description: AUD/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.6
Description: AUD/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.7
Description: AUD/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.A
Description: AUD/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.B
Description: AUD/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.C
Description: AUD/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.D
Description: AUD/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.E
Description: AUD/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.G
Description: AUD/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.H
Description: AUD/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.J
Description: AUD/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.K
Description: AUD/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.M
Description: AUD/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.N
Description: AUD/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.O
Description: AUD/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.Q
Description: AUD/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.S
Description: AUD/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.U
Description: AUD/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.V
Description: AUD/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.X
Description: AUD/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDCHF.Y
Description: AUD/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.1
Description: AUD/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.2
Description: AUD/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.3
Description: AUD/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.4
Description: AUD/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.5
Description: AUD/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.6
Description: AUD/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.7
Description: AUD/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.A
Description: AUD/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.B
Description: AUD/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.C
Description: AUD/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.D
Description: AUD/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.E
Description: AUD/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.G
Description: AUD/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.H
Description: AUD/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.J
Description: AUD/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.K
Description: AUD/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.M
Description: AUD/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.N
Description: AUD/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.O
Description: AUD/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.Q
Description: AUD/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.S
Description: AUD/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.U
Description: AUD/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.V
Description: AUD/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.X
Description: AUD/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDJPY.Y
Description: AUD/NZD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.1
Description: AUD/NZD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.2
Description: AUD/NZD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.3
Description: AUD/NZD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.4
Description: AUD/NZD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.5
Description: AUD/NZD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.6
Description: AUD/NZD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.7
Description: AUD/NZD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.A
Description: AUD/NZD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.B
Description: AUD/NZD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.C
Description: AUD/NZD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.D
Description: AUD/NZD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.E
Description: AUD/NZD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.G
Description: AUD/NZD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.H
Description: AUD/NZD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.J
Description: AUD/NZD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.K
Description: AUD/NZD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.M
Description: AUD/NZD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.N
Description: AUD/NZD Overnight Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.O
Description: AUD/NZD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.Q
Description: AUD/NZD Spot Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.S
Description: AUD/NZD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.U
Description: AUD/NZD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.V
Description: AUD/NZD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.X
Description: AUD/NZD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDNZD.Y
Description: AUD/USD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.1
Description: AUD/USD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.2
Description: AUD/USD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.3
Description: AUD/USD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.4
Description: AUD/USD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.5
Description: AUD/USD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.6
Description: AUD/USD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.7
Description: AUD/USD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.A
Description: AUD/USD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.B
Description: AUD/USD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.C
Description: AUD/USD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.D
Description: AUD/USD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.E
Description: AUD/USD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.G
Description: AUD/USD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.H
Description: AUD/USD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.J
Description: AUD/USD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.K
Description: AUD/USD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.M
Description: AUD/USD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.N
Description: AUD/USD Overnight Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.O
Description: AUD/USD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.Q
Description: AUD/USD Spot Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.S
Description: AUD/USD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.U
Description: AUD/USD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.V
Description: AUD/USD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.X
Description: AUD/USD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: AUDUSD.Y
Description: CAD/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.1
Description: CAD/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.2
Description: CAD/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.3
Description: CAD/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.4
Description: CAD/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.5
Description: CAD/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.6
Description: CAD/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.7
Description: CAD/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.A
Description: CAD/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.B
Description: CAD/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.C
Description: CAD/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.D
Description: CAD/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.E
Description: CAD/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.G
Description: CAD/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.H
Description: CAD/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.J
Description: CAD/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.K
Description: CAD/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.M
Description: CAD/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.N
Description: CAD/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.O
Description: CAD/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.Q
Description: CAD/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.S
Description: CAD/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.U
Description: CAD/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.V
Description: CAD/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.X
Description: CAD/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: CADCHF.Y
Description: CAD/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.1
Description: CAD/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.2
Description: CAD/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.3
Description: CAD/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.4
Description: CAD/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.5
Description: CAD/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.6
Description: CAD/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.7
Description: CAD/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.A
Description: CAD/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.B
Description: CAD/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.C
Description: CAD/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.D
Description: CAD/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.E
Description: CAD/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.G
Description: CAD/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.H
Description: CAD/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.J
Description: CAD/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.K
Description: CAD/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.M
Description: CAD/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.N
Description: CAD/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.O
Description: CAD/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.Q
Description: CAD/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.S
Description: CAD/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.U
Description: CAD/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.V
Description: CAD/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.X
Description: CAD/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: CADJPY.Y
Description: CHF/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.1
Description: CHF/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.2
Description: CHF/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.3
Description: CHF/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.4
Description: CHF/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.5
Description: CHF/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.6
Description: CHF/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.7
Description: CHF/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.A
Description: CHF/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.B
Description: CHF/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.C
Description: CHF/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.D
Description: CHF/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.E
Description: CHF/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.G
Description: CHF/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.H
Description: CHF/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.J
Description: CHF/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.K
Description: CHF/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.M
Description: CHF/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.N
Description: CHF/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.O
Description: CHF/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.Q
Description: CHF/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.S
Description: CHF/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.U
Description: CHF/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.V
Description: CHF/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.X
Description: CHF/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: CHFJPY.Y
Description: DKK/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.1
Description: DKK/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.2
Description: DKK/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.3
Description: DKK/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.4
Description: DKK/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.5
Description: DKK/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.6
Description: DKK/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.7
Description: DKK/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.A
Description: DKK/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.B
Description: DKK/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.C
Description: DKK/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.D
Description: DKK/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.E
Description: DKK/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.G
Description: DKK/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.H
Description: DKK/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.J
Description: DKK/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.K
Description: DKK/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.M
Description: DKK/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.N
Description: DKK/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.O
Description: DKK/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.Q
Description: DKK/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.S
Description: DKK/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.U
Description: DKK/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.V
Description: DKK/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.X
Description: DKK/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: DKKCHF.Y
Description: EUR/AUD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.1
Description: EUR/AUD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.2
Description: EUR/AUD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.3
Description: EUR/AUD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.4
Description: EUR/AUD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.5
Description: EUR/AUD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.6
Description: EUR/AUD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.7
Description: EUR/AUD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.A
Description: EUR/AUD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.B
Description: EUR/AUD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.C
Description: EUR/AUD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.D
Description: EUR/AUD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.E
Description: EUR/AUD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.G
Description: EUR/AUD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.H
Description: EUR/AUD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.J
Description: EUR/AUD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.K
Description: EUR/AUD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.M
Description: EUR/AUD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.N
Description: EUR/AUD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.O
Description: EUR/AUD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.Q
Description: EUR/AUD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.S
Description: EUR/AUD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.U
Description: EUR/AUD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.V
Description: EUR/AUD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.X
Description: EUR/AUD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURAUD.Y
Description: EUR/CAD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.1
Description: EUR/CAD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.2
Description: EUR/CAD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.3
Description: EUR/CAD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.4
Description: EUR/CAD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.5
Description: EUR/CAD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.6
Description: EUR/CAD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.7
Description: EUR/CAD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.A
Description: EUR/CAD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.B
Description: EUR/CAD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.C
Description: EUR/CAD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.D
Description: EUR/CAD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.E
Description: EUR/CAD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.G
Description: EUR/CAD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.H
Description: EUR/CAD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.J
Description: EUR/CAD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.K
Description: EUR/CAD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.M
Description: EUR/CAD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.N
Description: EUR/CAD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.O
Description: EUR/CAD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.Q
Description: EUR/CAD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.S
Description: EUR/CAD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.U
Description: EUR/CAD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.V
Description: EUR/CAD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.X
Description: EUR/CAD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCAD.Y
Description: EUR/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.1
Description: EUR/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.2
Description: EUR/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.3
Description: EUR/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.4
Description: EUR/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.5
Description: EUR/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.6
Description: EUR/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.7
Description: EUR/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.A
Description: EUR/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.B
Description: EUR/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.C
Description: EUR/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.D
Description: EUR/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.E
Description: EUR/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.G
Description: EUR/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.H
Description: EUR/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.J
Description: EUR/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.K
Description: EUR/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.M
Description: EUR/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.N
Description: EUR/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.O
Description: EUR/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.Q
Description: EUR/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.S
Description: EUR/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.U
Description: EUR/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.V
Description: EUR/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.X
Description: EUR/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCHF.Y
Description: EUR/CZK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.1
Description: EUR/CZK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.2
Description: EUR/CZK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.3
Description: EUR/CZK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.4
Description: EUR/CZK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.5
Description: EUR/CZK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.6
Description: EUR/CZK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.7
Description: EUR/CZK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.A
Description: EUR/CZK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.B
Description: EUR/CZK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.C
Description: EUR/CZK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.D
Description: EUR/CZK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.E
Description: EUR/CZK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.G
Description: EUR/CZK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.H
Description: EUR/CZK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.J
Description: EUR/CZK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.K
Description: EUR/CZK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.M
Description: EUR/CZK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.N
Description: EUR/CZK Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.O
Description: EUR/CZK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.Q
Description: EUR/CZK Spot Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.S
Description: EUR/CZK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.U
Description: EUR/CZK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.V
Description: EUR/CZK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.X
Description: EUR/CZK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURCZK.Y
Description: EUR/DKK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.1
Description: EUR/DKK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.2
Description: EUR/DKK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.3
Description: EUR/DKK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.4
Description: EUR/DKK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.5
Description: EUR/DKK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.6
Description: EUR/DKK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.7
Description: EUR/DKK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.A
Description: EUR/DKK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.B
Description: EUR/DKK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.C
Description: EUR/DKK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.D
Description: EUR/DKK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.E
Description: EUR/DKK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.G
Description: EUR/DKK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.H
Description: EUR/DKK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.J
Description: EUR/DKK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.K
Description: EUR/DKK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.M
Description: EUR/DKK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.N
Description: EUR/DKK Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.O
Description: EUR/DKK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.Q
Description: EUR/DKK Spot Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.S
Description: EUR/DKK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.U
Description: EUR/DKK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.V
Description: EUR/DKK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.X
Description: EUR/DKK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURDKK.Y
Description: EUR/GBP 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.1
Description: EUR/GBP 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.2
Description: EUR/GBP 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.3
Description: EUR/GBP 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.4
Description: EUR/GBP 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.5
Description: EUR/GBP 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.6
Description: EUR/GBP 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.7
Description: EUR/GBP Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.A
Description: EUR/GBP 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.B
Description: EUR/GBP 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.C
Description: EUR/GBP 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.D
Description: EUR/GBP 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.E
Description: EUR/GBP 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.G
Description: EUR/GBP 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.H
Description: EUR/GBP 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.J
Description: EUR/GBP 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.K
Description: EUR/GBP 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.M
Description: EUR/GBP 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.N
Description: EUR/GBP Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.O
Description: EUR/GBP 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.Q
Description: EUR/GBP Spot Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.S
Description: EUR/GBP 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.U
Description: EUR/GBP 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.V
Description: EUR/GBP 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.X
Description: EUR/GBP 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURGBP.Y
Description: EUR/HKD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.1
Description: EUR/HKD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.2
Description: EUR/HKD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.3
Description: EUR/HKD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.4
Description: EUR/HKD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.5
Description: EUR/HKD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.6
Description: EUR/HKD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.7
Description: EUR/HKD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.A
Description: EUR/HKD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.B
Description: EUR/HKD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.C
Description: EUR/HKD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.D
Description: EUR/HKD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.E
Description: EUR/HKD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.G
Description: EUR/HKD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.H
Description: EUR/HKD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.J
Description: EUR/HKD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.K
Description: EUR/HKD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.M
Description: EUR/HKD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.N
Description: EUR/HKD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.O
Description: EUR/HKD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.Q
Description: EUR/HKD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.S
Description: EUR/HKD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.U
Description: EUR/HKD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.V
Description: EUR/HKD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.X
Description: EUR/HKD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURHKD.Y
Description: EUR/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.1
Description: EUR/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.2
Description: EUR/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.3
Description: EUR/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.4
Description: EUR/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.5
Description: EUR/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.6
Description: EUR/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.7
Description: EUR/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.A
Description: EUR/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.B
Description: EUR/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.C
Description: EUR/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.D
Description: EUR/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.E
Description: EUR/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.G
Description: EUR/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.H
Description: EUR/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.J
Description: EUR/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.K
Description: EUR/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.M
Description: EUR/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.N
Description: EUR/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.O
Description: EUR/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.Q
Description: EUR/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.S
Description: EUR/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.U
Description: EUR/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.V
Description: EUR/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.X
Description: EUR/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURJPY.Y
Description: EUR/NOK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.1
Description: EUR/NOK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.2
Description: EUR/NOK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.3
Description: EUR/NOK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.4
Description: EUR/NOK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.5
Description: EUR/NOK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.6
Description: EUR/NOK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.7
Description: EUR/NOK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.A
Description: EUR/NOK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.B
Description: EUR/NOK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.C
Description: EUR/NOK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.D
Description: EUR/NOK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.E
Description: EUR/NOK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.G
Description: EUR/NOK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.H
Description: EUR/NOK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.J
Description: EUR/NOK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.K
Description: EUR/NOK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.M
Description: EUR/NOK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.N
Description: EUR/NOK Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.O
Description: EUR/NOK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.Q
Description: EUR/NOK Spot Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.S
Description: EUR/NOK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.U
Description: EUR/NOK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.V
Description: EUR/NOK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.X
Description: EUR/NOK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNOK.Y
Description: EUR/NZD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.1
Description: EUR/NZD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.2
Description: EUR/NZD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.3
Description: EUR/NZD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.4
Description: EUR/NZD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.5
Description: EUR/NZD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.6
Description: EUR/NZD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.7
Description: EUR/NZD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.A
Description: EUR/NZD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.B
Description: EUR/NZD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.C
Description: EUR/NZD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.D
Description: EUR/NZD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.E
Description: EUR/NZD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.G
Description: EUR/NZD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.H
Description: EUR/NZD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.J
Description: EUR/NZD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.K
Description: EUR/NZD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.M
Description: EUR/NZD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.N
Description: EUR/NZD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.O
Description: EUR/NZD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.Q
Description: EUR/NZD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.S
Description: EUR/NZD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.U
Description: EUR/NZD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.V
Description: EUR/NZD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.X
Description: EUR/NZD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURNZD.Y
Description: EUR/PLN 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.1
Description: EUR/PLN 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.2
Description: EUR/PLN 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.3
Description: EUR/PLN 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.4
Description: EUR/PLN 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.5
Description: EUR/PLN 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.6
Description: EUR/PLN 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.7
Description: EUR/PLN Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.A
Description: EUR/PLN 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.B
Description: EUR/PLN 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.C
Description: EUR/PLN 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.D
Description: EUR/PLN 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.E
Description: EUR/PLN 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.G
Description: EUR/PLN 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.H
Description: EUR/PLN 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.J
Description: EUR/PLN 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.K
Description: EUR/PLN 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.M
Description: EUR/PLN 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.N
Description: EUR/PLN Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.O
Description: EUR/PLN 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.Q
Description: EUR/PLN Spot Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.S
Description: EUR/PLN 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.U
Description: EUR/PLN 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.V
Description: EUR/PLN 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.X
Description: EUR/PLN 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURPLN.Y
Description: EUR/RUB 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.1
Description: EUR/RUB 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.2
Description: EUR/RUB 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.3
Description: EUR/RUB 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.4
Description: EUR/RUB 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.5
Description: EUR/RUB 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.6
Description: EUR/RUB 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.7
Description: EUR/RUB Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.A
Description: EUR/RUB 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.B
Description: EUR/RUB 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.C
Description: EUR/RUB 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.D
Description: EUR/RUB 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.E
Description: EUR/RUB 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.G
Description: EUR/RUB 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.H
Description: EUR/RUB 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.J
Description: EUR/RUB 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.K
Description: EUR/RUB 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.M
Description: EUR/RUB 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.N
Description: EUR/RUB Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.O
Description: EUR/RUB 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.Q
Description: EUR/RUB Spot Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.S
Description: EUR/RUB 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.U
Description: EUR/RUB 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.V
Description: EUR/RUB 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.X
Description: EUR/RUB 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURRUB.Y
Description: EUR/SEK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.1
Description: EUR/SEK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.2
Description: EUR/SEK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.3
Description: EUR/SEK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.4
Description: EUR/SEK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.5
Description: EUR/SEK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.6
Description: EUR/SEK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.7
Description: EUR/SEK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.A
Description: EUR/SEK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.B
Description: EUR/SEK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.C
Description: EUR/SEK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.D
Description: EUR/SEK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.E
Description: EUR/SEK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.G
Description: EUR/SEK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.H
Description: EUR/SEK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.J
Description: EUR/SEK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.K
Description: EUR/SEK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.M
Description: EUR/SEK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.N
Description: EUR/SEK Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.O
Description: EUR/SEK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.Q
Description: EUR/SEK Spot Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.S
Description: EUR/SEK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.U
Description: EUR/SEK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.V
Description: EUR/SEK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.X
Description: EUR/SEK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSEK.Y
Description: EUR/SGD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.1
Description: EUR/SGD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.2
Description: EUR/SGD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.3
Description: EUR/SGD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.4
Description: EUR/SGD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.5
Description: EUR/SGD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.6
Description: EUR/SGD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.7
Description: EUR/SGD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.A
Description: EUR/SGD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.B
Description: EUR/SGD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.C
Description: EUR/SGD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.D
Description: EUR/SGD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.E
Description: EUR/SGD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.G
Description: EUR/SGD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.H
Description: EUR/SGD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.J
Description: EUR/SGD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.K
Description: EUR/SGD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.M
Description: EUR/SGD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.N
Description: EUR/SGD Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.O
Description: EUR/SGD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.Q
Description: EUR/SGD Spot Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.S
Description: EUR/SGD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.U
Description: EUR/SGD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.V
Description: EUR/SGD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.X
Description: EUR/SGD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURSGD.Y
Description: EUR/USD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURUSD.1
Description: EUR/ZAR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.1
Description: EUR/ZAR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.2
Description: EUR/ZAR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.3
Description: EUR/ZAR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.4
Description: EUR/ZAR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.5
Description: EUR/ZAR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.6
Description: EUR/ZAR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.7
Description: EUR/ZAR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.A
Description: EUR/ZAR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.B
Description: EUR/ZAR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.C
Description: EUR/ZAR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.D
Description: EUR/ZAR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.E
Description: EUR/ZAR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.G
Description: EUR/ZAR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.H
Description: EUR/ZAR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.J
Description: EUR/ZAR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.K
Description: EUR/ZAR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.M
Description: EUR/ZAR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.N
Description: EUR/ZAR Overnight Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.O
Description: EUR/ZAR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.Q
Description: EUR/ZAR Spot Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.S
Description: EUR/ZAR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.U
Description: EUR/ZAR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.V
Description: EUR/ZAR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.X
Description: EUR/ZAR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: EURZAR.Y
Description: GBP/AUD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.1
Description: GBP/AUD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.2
Description: GBP/AUD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.3
Description: GBP/AUD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.4
Description: GBP/AUD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.5
Description: GBP/AUD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.6
Description: GBP/AUD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.7
Description: GBP/AUD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.A
Description: GBP/AUD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.B
Description: GBP/AUD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.C
Description: GBP/AUD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.D
Description: GBP/AUD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.E
Description: GBP/AUD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.G
Description: GBP/AUD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.H
Description: GBP/AUD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.J
Description: GBP/AUD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.K
Description: GBP/AUD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.M
Description: GBP/AUD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.N
Description: GBP/AUD Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.O
Description: GBP/AUD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.Q
Description: GBP/AUD Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.S
Description: GBP/AUD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.U
Description: GBP/AUD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.V
Description: GBP/AUD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.X
Description: GBP/AUD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPAUD.Y
Description: GBP/CAD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.1
Description: GBP/CAD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.2
Description: GBP/CAD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.3
Description: GBP/CAD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.4
Description: GBP/CAD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.5
Description: GBP/CAD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.6
Description: GBP/CAD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.7
Description: GBP/CAD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.A
Description: GBP/CAD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.B
Description: GBP/CAD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.C
Description: GBP/CAD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.D
Description: GBP/CAD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.E
Description: GBP/CAD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.G
Description: GBP/CAD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.H
Description: GBP/CAD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.J
Description: GBP/CAD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.K
Description: GBP/CAD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.M
Description: GBP/CAD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.N
Description: GBP/CAD Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.O
Description: GBP/CAD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.Q
Description: GBP/CAD Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.S
Description: GBP/CAD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.U
Description: GBP/CAD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.V
Description: GBP/CAD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.X
Description: GBP/CAD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCAD.Y
Description: GBP/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.1
Description: GBP/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.2
Description: GBP/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.3
Description: GBP/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.4
Description: GBP/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.5
Description: GBP/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.6
Description: GBP/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.7
Description: GBP/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.A
Description: GBP/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.B
Description: GBP/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.C
Description: GBP/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.D
Description: GBP/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.E
Description: GBP/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.G
Description: GBP/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.H
Description: GBP/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.J
Description: GBP/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.K
Description: GBP/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.M
Description: GBP/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.N
Description: GBP/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.O
Description: GBP/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.Q
Description: GBP/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.S
Description: GBP/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.U
Description: GBP/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.V
Description: GBP/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.X
Description: GBP/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPCHF.Y
Description: GBP/DKK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.1
Description: GBP/DKK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.2
Description: GBP/DKK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.3
Description: GBP/DKK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.4
Description: GBP/DKK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.5
Description: GBP/DKK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.6
Description: GBP/DKK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.7
Description: GBP/DKK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.A
Description: GBP/DKK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.B
Description: GBP/DKK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.C
Description: GBP/DKK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.D
Description: GBP/DKK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.E
Description: GBP/DKK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.G
Description: GBP/DKK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.H
Description: GBP/DKK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.J
Description: GBP/DKK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.K
Description: GBP/DKK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.M
Description: GBP/DKK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.N
Description: GBP/DKK Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.O
Description: GBP/DKK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.Q
Description: GBP/DKK Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.S
Description: GBP/DKK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.U
Description: GBP/DKK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.V
Description: GBP/DKK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.X
Description: GBP/DKK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPDKK.Y
Description: GBP/EUR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.1
Description: GBP/EUR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.2
Description: GBP/EUR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.3
Description: GBP/EUR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.4
Description: GBP/EUR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.5
Description: GBP/EUR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.6
Description: GBP/EUR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.7
Description: GBP/EUR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.A
Description: GBP/EUR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.B
Description: GBP/EUR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.C
Description: GBP/EUR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.D
Description: GBP/EUR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.E
Description: GBP/EUR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.G
Description: GBP/EUR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.H
Description: GBP/EUR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.J
Description: GBP/EUR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.K
Description: GBP/EUR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.M
Description: GBP/EUR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.N
Description: GBP/EUR Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.O
Description: GBP/EUR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.Q
Description: GBP/EUR Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.S
Description: GBP/EUR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.U
Description: GBP/EUR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.V
Description: GBP/EUR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.X
Description: GBP/EUR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPEUR.Y
Description: GBP/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.1
Description: GBP/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.2
Description: GBP/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.3
Description: GBP/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.4
Description: GBP/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.5
Description: GBP/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.6
Description: GBP/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.7
Description: GBP/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.A
Description: GBP/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.B
Description: GBP/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.C
Description: GBP/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.D
Description: GBP/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.E
Description: GBP/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.G
Description: GBP/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.H
Description: GBP/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.J
Description: GBP/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.K
Description: GBP/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.M
Description: GBP/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.N
Description: GBP/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.O
Description: GBP/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.Q
Description: GBP/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.S
Description: GBP/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.U
Description: GBP/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.V
Description: GBP/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.X
Description: GBP/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPJPY.Y
Description: GBP/NOK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.1
Description: GBP/NOK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.2
Description: GBP/NOK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.3
Description: GBP/NOK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.4
Description: GBP/NOK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.5
Description: GBP/NOK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.6
Description: GBP/NOK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.7
Description: GBP/NOK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.A
Description: GBP/NOK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.B
Description: GBP/NOK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.C
Description: GBP/NOK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.D
Description: GBP/NOK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.E
Description: GBP/NOK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.G
Description: GBP/NOK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.H
Description: GBP/NOK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.J
Description: GBP/NOK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.K
Description: GBP/NOK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.M
Description: GBP/NOK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.N
Description: GBP/NOK Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.O
Description: GBP/NOK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.Q
Description: GBP/NOK Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.S
Description: GBP/NOK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.U
Description: GBP/NOK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.V
Description: GBP/NOK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.X
Description: GBP/NOK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPNOK.Y
Description: GBP/SEK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.1
Description: GBP/SEK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.2
Description: GBP/SEK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.3
Description: GBP/SEK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.4
Description: GBP/SEK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.5
Description: GBP/SEK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.6
Description: GBP/SEK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.7
Description: GBP/SEK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.A
Description: GBP/SEK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.B
Description: GBP/SEK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.C
Description: GBP/SEK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.D
Description: GBP/SEK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.E
Description: GBP/SEK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.G
Description: GBP/SEK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.H
Description: GBP/SEK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.J
Description: GBP/SEK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.K
Description: GBP/SEK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.M
Description: GBP/SEK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.N
Description: GBP/SEK Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.O
Description: GBP/SEK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.Q
Description: GBP/SEK Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.S
Description: GBP/SEK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.U
Description: GBP/SEK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.V
Description: GBP/SEK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.X
Description: GBP/SEK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPSEK.Y
Description: GBP/USD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.1
Description: GBP/USD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.2
Description: GBP/USD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.3
Description: GBP/USD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.4
Description: GBP/USD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.5
Description: GBP/USD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.6
Description: GBP/USD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.7
Description: GBP/USD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.A
Description: GBP/USD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.B
Description: GBP/USD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.C
Description: GBP/USD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.D
Description: GBP/USD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.E
Description: GBP/USD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.G
Description: GBP/USD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.H
Description: GBP/USD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.J
Description: GBP/USD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.K
Description: GBP/USD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.M
Description: GBP/USD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.N
Description: GBP/USD Overnight Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.O
Description: GBP/USD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.Q
Description: GBP/USD Spot Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.S
Description: GBP/USD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.U
Description: GBP/USD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.V
Description: GBP/USD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.X
Description: GBP/USD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: GBPUSD.Y
Description: JPY/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.1
Description: JPY/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.2
Description: JPY/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.3
Description: JPY/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.4
Description: JPY/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.5
Description: JPY/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.6
Description: JPY/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.7
Description: JPY/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.A
Description: JPY/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.B
Description: JPY/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.C
Description: JPY/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.D
Description: JPY/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.E
Description: JPY/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.G
Description: JPY/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.H
Description: JPY/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.J
Description: JPY/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.K
Description: JPY/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.M
Description: JPY/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.N
Description: JPY/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.O
Description: JPY/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.Q
Description: JPY/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.S
Description: JPY/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.U
Description: JPY/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.V
Description: JPY/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.X
Description: JPY/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYCHF.Y
Description: JPY/NZD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.1
Description: JPY/NZD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.2
Description: JPY/NZD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.3
Description: JPY/NZD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.4
Description: JPY/NZD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.5
Description: JPY/NZD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.6
Description: JPY/NZD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.7
Description: JPY/NZD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.A
Description: JPY/NZD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.B
Description: JPY/NZD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.C
Description: JPY/NZD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.D
Description: JPY/NZD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.E
Description: JPY/NZD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.G
Description: JPY/NZD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.H
Description: JPY/NZD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.J
Description: JPY/NZD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.K
Description: JPY/NZD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.M
Description: JPY/NZD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.N
Description: JPY/NZD Overnight Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.O
Description: JPY/NZD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.Q
Description: JPY/NZD Spot Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.S
Description: JPY/NZD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.U
Description: JPY/NZD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.V
Description: JPY/NZD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.X
Description: JPY/NZD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: JPYNZD.Y
Description: NOK/SEK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.1
Description: NOK/SEK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.2
Description: NOK/SEK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.3
Description: NOK/SEK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.4
Description: NOK/SEK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.5
Description: NOK/SEK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.6
Description: NOK/SEK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.7
Description: NOK/SEK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.A
Description: NOK/SEK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.B
Description: NOK/SEK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.C
Description: NOK/SEK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.D
Description: NOK/SEK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.E
Description: NOK/SEK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.G
Description: NOK/SEK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.H
Description: NOK/SEK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.J
Description: NOK/SEK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.K
Description: NOK/SEK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.M
Description: NOK/SEK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.N
Description: NOK/SEK Overnight Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.O
Description: NOK/SEK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.Q
Description: NOK/SEK Spot Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.S
Description: NOK/SEK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.U
Description: NOK/SEK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.V
Description: NOK/SEK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.X
Description: NOK/SEK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: NOKSEK.Y
Description: NZD/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.1
Description: NZD/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.2
Description: NZD/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.3
Description: NZD/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.4
Description: NZD/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.5
Description: NZD/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.6
Description: NZD/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.7
Description: NZD/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.A
Description: NZD/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.B
Description: NZD/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.C
Description: NZD/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.D
Description: NZD/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.E
Description: NZD/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.G
Description: NZD/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.H
Description: NZD/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.J
Description: NZD/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.K
Description: NZD/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.M
Description: NZD/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.N
Description: NZD/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.O
Description: NZD/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.Q
Description: NZD/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.S
Description: NZD/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.U
Description: NZD/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.V
Description: NZD/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.X
Description: NZD/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDJPY.Y
Description: NZD/USD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.1
Description: NZD/USD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.2
Description: NZD/USD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.3
Description: NZD/USD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.4
Description: NZD/USD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.5
Description: NZD/USD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.6
Description: NZD/USD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.7
Description: NZD/USD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.A
Description: NZD/USD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.B
Description: NZD/USD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.C
Description: NZD/USD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.D
Description: NZD/USD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.E
Description: NZD/USD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.G
Description: NZD/USD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.H
Description: NZD/USD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.J
Description: NZD/USD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.K
Description: NZD/USD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.M
Description: NZD/USD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.N
Description: NZD/USD Overnight Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.O
Description: NZD/USD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.Q
Description: NZD/USD Spot Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.S
Description: NZD/USD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.U
Description: NZD/USD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.V
Description: NZD/USD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.X
Description: NZD/USD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: NZDUSD.Y
Description: SEK/DKK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.1
Description: SEK/DKK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.2
Description: SEK/DKK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.3
Description: SEK/DKK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.4
Description: SEK/DKK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.5
Description: SEK/DKK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.6
Description: SEK/DKK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.7
Description: SEK/DKK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.A
Description: SEK/DKK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.B
Description: SEK/DKK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.C
Description: SEK/DKK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.D
Description: SEK/DKK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.E
Description: SEK/DKK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.G
Description: SEK/DKK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.H
Description: SEK/DKK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.J
Description: SEK/DKK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.K
Description: SEK/DKK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.M
Description: SEK/DKK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.N
Description: SEK/DKK Overnight Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.O
Description: SEK/DKK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.Q
Description: SEK/DKK Spot Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.S
Description: SEK/DKK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.U
Description: SEK/DKK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.V
Description: SEK/DKK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.X
Description: SEK/DKK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: SEKDKK.Y
Description: SGD/EUR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.1
Description: SGD/EUR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.2
Description: SGD/EUR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.3
Description: SGD/EUR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.4
Description: SGD/EUR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.5
Description: SGD/EUR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.6
Description: SGD/EUR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.7
Description: SGD/EUR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.A
Description: SGD/EUR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.B
Description: SGD/EUR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.C
Description: SGD/EUR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.D
Description: SGD/EUR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.E
Description: SGD/EUR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.G
Description: SGD/EUR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.H
Description: SGD/EUR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.J
Description: SGD/EUR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.K
Description: SGD/EUR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.M
Description: SGD/EUR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.N
Description: SGD/EUR Overnight Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.O
Description: SGD/EUR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.Q
Description: SGD/EUR Spot Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.S
Description: SGD/EUR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.U
Description: SGD/EUR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.V
Description: SGD/EUR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.X
Description: SGD/EUR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDEUR.Y
Description: SGD/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.1
Description: SGD/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.2
Description: SGD/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.3
Description: SGD/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.4
Description: SGD/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.5
Description: SGD/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.6
Description: SGD/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.7
Description: SGD/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.A
Description: SGD/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.B
Description: SGD/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.C
Description: SGD/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.D
Description: SGD/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.E
Description: SGD/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.G
Description: SGD/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.H
Description: SGD/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.J
Description: SGD/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.K
Description: SGD/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.M
Description: SGD/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.N
Description: SGD/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.O
Description: SGD/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.Q
Description: SGD/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.S
Description: SGD/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.U
Description: SGD/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.V
Description: SGD/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.X
Description: SGD/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: SGDJPY.Y
Description: USD/ARS 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.1
Description: USD/ARS 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.2
Description: USD/ARS 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.3
Description: USD/ARS 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.4
Description: USD/ARS 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.5
Description: USD/ARS 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.6
Description: USD/ARS 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.7
Description: USD/ARS Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDARS.A
Description: USD/ARS 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDARS.B
Description: USD/ARS 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDARS.C
Description: USD/ARS 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDARS.D
Description: USD/ARS 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.E
Description: USD/ARS 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.G
Description: USD/ARS 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.H
Description: USD/ARS 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.J
Description: USD/ARS 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.K
Description: USD/ARS 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.M
Description: USD/ARS 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.N
Description: USD/ARS Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDARS.O
Description: USD/ARS 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.Q
Description: USD/ARS Spot Forward
Symbol: USDARS.S
Description: USD/ARS 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.U
Description: USD/ARS 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.V
Description: USD/ARS 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDARS.X
Description: USD/ARS 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDARS.Y
Description: USD/AUD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.1
Description: USD/AUD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.2
Description: USD/AUD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.3
Description: USD/AUD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.4
Description: USD/AUD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.5
Description: USD/AUD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.6
Description: USD/AUD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.7
Description: USD/AUD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.A
Description: USD/AUD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.B
Description: USD/AUD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.C
Description: USD/AUD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.D
Description: USD/AUD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.E
Description: USD/AUD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.G
Description: USD/AUD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.H
Description: USD/AUD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.J
Description: USD/AUD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.K
Description: USD/AUD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.M
Description: USD/AUD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.N
Description: USD/AUD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.O
Description: USD/AUD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.Q
Description: USD/AUD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.S
Description: USD/AUD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.U
Description: USD/AUD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.V
Description: USD/AUD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.X
Description: USD/AUD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDAUD.Y
Description: USD/BRL 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.1
Description: USD/BRL 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.2
Description: USD/BRL 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.3
Description: USD/BRL 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.4
Description: USD/BRL 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.5
Description: USD/BRL 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.6
Description: USD/BRL 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.7
Description: USD/BRL Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.A
Description: USD/BRL 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.B
Description: USD/BRL 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.C
Description: USD/BRL 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.D
Description: USD/BRL 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.E
Description: USD/BRL 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.G
Description: USD/BRL 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.H
Description: USD/BRL 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.J
Description: USD/BRL 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.K
Description: USD/BRL 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.M
Description: USD/BRL 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.N
Description: USD/BRL Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.O
Description: USD/BRL 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.Q
Description: USD/BRL Spot Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.S
Description: USD/BRL 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.U
Description: USD/BRL 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.V
Description: USD/BRL 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.X
Description: USD/BRL 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDBRL.Y
Description: USD/CAD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.1
Description: USD/CAD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.2
Description: USD/CAD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.3
Description: USD/CAD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.4
Description: USD/CAD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.5
Description: USD/CAD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.6
Description: USD/CAD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.7
Description: USD/CAD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.A
Description: USD/CAD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.B
Description: USD/CAD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.C
Description: USD/CAD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.D
Description: USD/CAD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.E
Description: USD/CAD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.G
Description: USD/CAD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.H
Description: USD/CAD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.J
Description: USD/CAD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.K
Description: USD/CAD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.M
Description: USD/CAD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.N
Description: USD/CAD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.O
Description: USD/CAD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.Q
Description: USD/CAD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.S
Description: USD/CAD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.U
Description: USD/CAD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.V
Description: USD/CAD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.X
Description: USD/CAD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCAD.Y
Description: USD/CHF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.1
Description: USD/CHF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.2
Description: USD/CHF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.3
Description: USD/CHF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.4
Description: USD/CHF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.5
Description: USD/CHF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.6
Description: USD/CHF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.7
Description: USD/CHF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.A
Description: USD/CHF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.B
Description: USD/CHF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.C
Description: USD/CHF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.D
Description: USD/CHF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.E
Description: USD/CHF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.G
Description: USD/CHF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.H
Description: USD/CHF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.J
Description: USD/CHF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.K
Description: USD/CHF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.M
Description: USD/CHF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.N
Description: USD/CHF Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.O
Description: USD/CHF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.Q
Description: USD/CHF Spot Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.S
Description: USD/CHF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.U
Description: USD/CHF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.V
Description: USD/CHF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.X
Description: USD/CHF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCHF.Y
Description: USD/CNH 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.1
Description: USD/CNH 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.2
Description: USD/CNH 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.3
Description: USD/CNH 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.4
Description: USD/CNH 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.5
Description: USD/CNH 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.6
Description: USD/CNH 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.7
Description: USD/CNH Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.A
Description: USD/CNH 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.B
Description: USD/CNH 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.C
Description: USD/CNH 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.D
Description: USD/CNH 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.E
Description: USD/CNH 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.G
Description: USD/CNH 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.H
Description: USD/CNH 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.J
Description: USD/CNH 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.K
Description: USD/CNH 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.M
Description: USD/CNH 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.N
Description: USD/CNH Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.O
Description: USD/CNH 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.Q
Description: USD/CNH Spot Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.S
Description: USD/CNH 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.U
Description: USD/CNH 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.V
Description: USD/CNH 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.X
Description: USD/CNH 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNH.Y
Description: USD/CNY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.1
Description: USD/CNY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.2
Description: USD/CNY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.3
Description: USD/CNY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.4
Description: USD/CNY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.5
Description: USD/CNY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.6
Description: USD/CNY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.7
Description: USD/CNY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.A
Description: USD/CNY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.B
Description: USD/CNY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.C
Description: USD/CNY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.D
Description: USD/CNY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.E
Description: USD/CNY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.G
Description: USD/CNY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.H
Description: USD/CNY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.J
Description: USD/CNY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.K
Description: USD/CNY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.M
Description: USD/CNY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.N
Description: USD/CNY Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.O
Description: USD/CNY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.Q
Description: USD/CNY Spot Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.S
Description: USD/CNY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.U
Description: USD/CNY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.V
Description: USD/CNY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.X
Description: USD/CNY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCNY.Y
Description: USD/CZK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.1
Description: USD/CZK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.2
Description: USD/CZK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.3
Description: USD/CZK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.4
Description: USD/CZK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.5
Description: USD/CZK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.6
Description: USD/CZK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.7
Description: USD/CZK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.A
Description: USD/CZK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.B
Description: USD/CZK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.C
Description: USD/CZK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.D
Description: USD/CZK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.E
Description: USD/CZK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.G
Description: USD/CZK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.H
Description: USD/CZK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.J
Description: USD/CZK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.K
Description: USD/CZK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.M
Description: USD/CZK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.N
Description: USD/CZK Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.O
Description: USD/CZK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.Q
Description: USD/CZK Spot Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.S
Description: USD/CZK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.U
Description: USD/CZK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.V
Description: USD/CZK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.X
Description: USD/CZK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDCZK.Y
Description: USD/DKK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.1
Description: USD/DKK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.2
Description: USD/DKK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.3
Description: USD/DKK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.4
Description: USD/DKK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.5
Description: USD/DKK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.6
Description: USD/DKK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.7
Description: USD/DKK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.A
Description: USD/DKK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.B
Description: USD/DKK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.C
Description: USD/DKK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.D
Description: USD/DKK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.E
Description: USD/DKK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.G
Description: USD/DKK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.H
Description: USD/DKK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.J
Description: USD/DKK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.K
Description: USD/DKK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.M
Description: USD/DKK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.N
Description: USD/DKK Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.O
Description: USD/DKK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.Q
Description: USD/DKK Spot Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.S
Description: USD/DKK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.U
Description: USD/DKK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.V
Description: USD/DKK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.X
Description: USD/DKK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDDKK.Y
Description: USD/GBP 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.1
Description: USD/GBP 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.2
Description: USD/GBP 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.3
Description: USD/GBP 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.4
Description: USD/GBP 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.5
Description: USD/GBP 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.6
Description: USD/GBP 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.7
Description: USD/GBP Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.A
Description: USD/GBP 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.B
Description: USD/GBP 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.C
Description: USD/GBP 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.D
Description: USD/GBP 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.E
Description: USD/GBP 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.G
Description: USD/GBP 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.H
Description: USD/GBP 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.J
Description: USD/GBP 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.K
Description: USD/GBP 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.M
Description: USD/GBP 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.N
Description: USD/GBP Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.O
Description: USD/GBP 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.Q
Description: USD/GBP Spot Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.S
Description: USD/GBP 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.U
Description: USD/GBP 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.V
Description: USD/GBP 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.X
Description: USD/GBP 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDGBP.Y
Description: USD/HKD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.1
Description: USD/HKD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.2
Description: USD/HKD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.3
Description: USD/HKD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.4
Description: USD/HKD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.5
Description: USD/HKD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.6
Description: USD/HKD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.7
Description: USD/HKD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.A
Description: USD/HKD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.B
Description: USD/HKD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.C
Description: USD/HKD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.D
Description: USD/HKD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.E
Description: USD/HKD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.G
Description: USD/HKD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.H
Description: USD/HKD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.J
Description: USD/HKD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.K
Description: USD/HKD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.M
Description: USD/HKD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.N
Description: USD/HKD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.O
Description: USD/HKD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.Q
Description: USD/HKD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.S
Description: USD/HKD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.U
Description: USD/HKD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.V
Description: USD/HKD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.X
Description: USD/HKD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHKD.Y
Description: USD/HRK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.1
Description: USD/HRK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.2
Description: USD/HRK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.3
Description: USD/HRK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.4
Description: USD/HRK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.5
Description: USD/HRK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.6
Description: USD/HRK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.7
Description: USD/HRK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.A
Description: USD/HRK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.B
Description: USD/HRK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.C
Description: USD/HRK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.D
Description: USD/HRK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.E
Description: USD/HRK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.G
Description: USD/HRK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.H
Description: USD/HRK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.J
Description: USD/HRK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.K
Description: USD/HRK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.M
Description: USD/HRK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.N
Description: USD/HRK Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.O
Description: USD/HRK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.Q
Description: USD/HRK Spot Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.S
Description: USD/HRK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.U
Description: USD/HRK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.V
Description: USD/HRK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.X
Description: USD/HRK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHRK.Y
Description: USD/HUF 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.1
Description: USD/HUF 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.2
Description: USD/HUF 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.3
Description: USD/HUF 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.4
Description: USD/HUF 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.5
Description: USD/HUF 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.6
Description: USD/HUF 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.7
Description: USD/HUF Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.A
Description: USD/HUF 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.B
Description: USD/HUF 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.C
Description: USD/HUF 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.D
Description: USD/HUF 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.E
Description: USD/HUF 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.G
Description: USD/HUF 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.H
Description: USD/HUF 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.J
Description: USD/HUF 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.K
Description: USD/HUF 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.M
Description: USD/HUF 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.N
Description: USD/HUF Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.O
Description: USD/HUF 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.Q
Description: USD/HUF Spot Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.S
Description: USD/HUF 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.U
Description: USD/HUF 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.V
Description: USD/HUF 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.X
Description: USD/HUF 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDHUF.Y
Description: USD/IDR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.1
Description: USD/IDR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.2
Description: USD/IDR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.3
Description: USD/IDR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.4
Description: USD/IDR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.5
Description: USD/IDR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.6
Description: USD/IDR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.7
Description: USD/IDR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.A
Description: USD/IDR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.B
Description: USD/IDR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.C
Description: USD/IDR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.D
Description: USD/IDR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.E
Description: USD/IDR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.G
Description: USD/IDR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.H
Description: USD/IDR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.J
Description: USD/IDR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.K
Description: USD/IDR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.M
Description: USD/IDR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.N
Description: USD/IDR Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.O
Description: USD/IDR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.Q
Description: USD/IDR Spot Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.S
Description: USD/IDR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.U
Description: USD/IDR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.V
Description: USD/IDR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.X
Description: USD/IDR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDIDR.Y
Description: USD/INR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.1
Description: USD/INR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.2
Description: USD/INR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.3
Description: USD/INR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.4
Description: USD/INR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.5
Description: USD/INR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.6
Description: USD/INR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.7
Description: USD/INR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDINR.A
Description: USD/INR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDINR.B
Description: USD/INR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDINR.C
Description: USD/INR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDINR.D
Description: USD/INR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.E
Description: USD/INR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.G
Description: USD/INR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.H
Description: USD/INR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.J
Description: USD/INR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.K
Description: USD/INR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.M
Description: USD/INR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.N
Description: USD/INR Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDINR.O
Description: USD/INR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.Q
Description: USD/INR Spot Forward
Symbol: USDINR.S
Description: USD/INR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.U
Description: USD/INR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.V
Description: USD/INR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDINR.X
Description: USD/INR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDINR.Y
Description: USD/JPY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.1
Description: USD/JPY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.2
Description: USD/JPY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.3
Description: USD/JPY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.4
Description: USD/JPY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.5
Description: USD/JPY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.6
Description: USD/JPY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.7
Description: USD/JPY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.A
Description: USD/JPY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.B
Description: USD/JPY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.C
Description: USD/JPY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.D
Description: USD/JPY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.E
Description: USD/JPY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.G
Description: USD/JPY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.H
Description: USD/JPY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.J
Description: USD/JPY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.K
Description: USD/JPY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.M
Description: USD/JPY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.N
Description: USD/JPY Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.O
Description: USD/JPY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.Q
Description: USD/JPY Spot Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.S
Description: USD/JPY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.U
Description: USD/JPY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.V
Description: USD/JPY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.X
Description: USD/JPY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDJPY.Y
Description: USD/KRW 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.1
Description: USD/KRW 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.2
Description: USD/KRW 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.3
Description: USD/KRW 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.4
Description: USD/KRW 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.5
Description: USD/KRW 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.6
Description: USD/KRW 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.7
Description: USD/KRW Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.A
Description: USD/KRW 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.B
Description: USD/KRW 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.C
Description: USD/KRW 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.D
Description: USD/KRW 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.E
Description: USD/KRW 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.G
Description: USD/KRW 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.H
Description: USD/KRW 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.J
Description: USD/KRW 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.K
Description: USD/KRW 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.M
Description: USD/KRW 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.N
Description: USD/KRW Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.O
Description: USD/KRW 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.Q
Description: USD/KRW Spot Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.S
Description: USD/KRW 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.U
Description: USD/KRW 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.V
Description: USD/KRW 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.X
Description: USD/KRW 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDKRW.Y
Description: USD/MAD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.1
Description: USD/MAD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.2
Description: USD/MAD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.3
Description: USD/MAD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.4
Description: USD/MAD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.5
Description: USD/MAD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.6
Description: USD/MAD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.7
Description: USD/MAD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.A
Description: USD/MAD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.B
Description: USD/MAD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.C
Description: USD/MAD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.D
Description: USD/MAD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.E
Description: USD/MAD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.G
Description: USD/MAD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.H
Description: USD/MAD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.J
Description: USD/MAD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.K
Description: USD/MAD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.M
Description: USD/MAD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.N
Description: USD/MAD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.O
Description: USD/MAD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.Q
Description: USD/MAD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.S
Description: USD/MAD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.U
Description: USD/MAD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.V
Description: USD/MAD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.X
Description: USD/MAD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMAD.Y
Description: USD/MXN 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.1
Description: USD/MXN 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.2
Description: USD/MXN 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.3
Description: USD/MXN 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.4
Description: USD/MXN 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.5
Description: USD/MXN 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.6
Description: USD/MXN 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.7
Description: USD/MXN Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.A
Description: USD/MXN 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.B
Description: USD/MXN 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.C
Description: USD/MXN 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.D
Description: USD/MXN 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.E
Description: USD/MXN 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.G
Description: USD/MXN 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.H
Description: USD/MXN 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.J
Description: USD/MXN 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.K
Description: USD/MXN 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.M
Description: USD/MXN 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.N
Description: USD/MXN Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.O
Description: USD/MXN 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.Q
Description: USD/MXN Spot Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.S
Description: USD/MXN 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.U
Description: USD/MXN 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.V
Description: USD/MXN 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.X
Description: USD/MXN 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMXN.Y
Description: USD/MYR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.1
Description: USD/MYR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.2
Description: USD/MYR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.3
Description: USD/MYR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.4
Description: USD/MYR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.5
Description: USD/MYR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.6
Description: USD/MYR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.7
Description: USD/MYR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.A
Description: USD/MYR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.B
Description: USD/MYR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.C
Description: USD/MYR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.D
Description: USD/MYR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.E
Description: USD/MYR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.G
Description: USD/MYR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.H
Description: USD/MYR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.J
Description: USD/MYR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.K
Description: USD/MYR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.M
Description: USD/MYR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.N
Description: USD/MYR Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.O
Description: USD/MYR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.Q
Description: USD/MYR Spot Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.S
Description: USD/MYR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.U
Description: USD/MYR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.V
Description: USD/MYR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.X
Description: USD/MYR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDMYR.Y
Description: USD/NOK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.1
Description: USD/NOK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.2
Description: USD/NOK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.3
Description: USD/NOK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.4
Description: USD/NOK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.5
Description: USD/NOK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.6
Description: USD/NOK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.7
Description: USD/NOK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.A
Description: USD/NOK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.B
Description: USD/NOK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.C
Description: USD/NOK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.D
Description: USD/NOK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.E
Description: USD/NOK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.G
Description: USD/NOK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.H
Description: USD/NOK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.J
Description: USD/NOK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.K
Description: USD/NOK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.M
Description: USD/NOK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.N
Description: USD/NOK Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.O
Description: USD/NOK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.Q
Description: USD/NOK Spot Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.S
Description: USD/NOK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.U
Description: USD/NOK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.V
Description: USD/NOK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.X
Description: USD/NOK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNOK.Y
Description: USD/NZD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.1
Description: USD/NZD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.2
Description: USD/NZD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.3
Description: USD/NZD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.4
Description: USD/NZD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.5
Description: USD/NZD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.6
Description: USD/NZD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.7
Description: USD/NZD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.A
Description: USD/NZD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.B
Description: USD/NZD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.C
Description: USD/NZD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.D
Description: USD/NZD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.E
Description: USD/NZD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.G
Description: USD/NZD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.H
Description: USD/NZD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.J
Description: USD/NZD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.K
Description: USD/NZD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.M
Description: USD/NZD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.N
Description: USD/NZD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.O
Description: USD/NZD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.Q
Description: USD/NZD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.S
Description: USD/NZD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.U
Description: USD/NZD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.V
Description: USD/NZD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.X
Description: USD/NZD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDNZD.Y
Description: USD/PHP 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.1
Description: USD/PHP 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.2
Description: USD/PHP 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.3
Description: USD/PHP 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.4
Description: USD/PHP 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.5
Description: USD/PHP 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.6
Description: USD/PHP 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.7
Description: USD/PHP Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.A
Description: USD/PHP 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.B
Description: USD/PHP 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.C
Description: USD/PHP 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.D
Description: USD/PHP 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.E
Description: USD/PHP 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.G
Description: USD/PHP 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.H
Description: USD/PHP 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.J
Description: USD/PHP 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.K
Description: USD/PHP 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.M
Description: USD/PHP 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.N
Description: USD/PHP Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.O
Description: USD/PHP 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.Q
Description: USD/PHP Spot Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.S
Description: USD/PHP 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.U
Description: USD/PHP 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.V
Description: USD/PHP 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.X
Description: USD/PHP 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPHP.Y
Description: USD/PLN 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.1
Description: USD/PLN 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.2
Description: USD/PLN 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.3
Description: USD/PLN 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.4
Description: USD/PLN 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.5
Description: USD/PLN 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.6
Description: USD/PLN 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.7
Description: USD/PLN Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.A
Description: USD/PLN 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.B
Description: USD/PLN 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.C
Description: USD/PLN 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.D
Description: USD/PLN 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.E
Description: USD/PLN 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.G
Description: USD/PLN 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.H
Description: USD/PLN 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.J
Description: USD/PLN 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.K
Description: USD/PLN 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.M
Description: USD/PLN 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.N
Description: USD/PLN Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.O
Description: USD/PLN 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.Q
Description: USD/PLN Spot Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.S
Description: USD/PLN 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.U
Description: USD/PLN 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.V
Description: USD/PLN 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.X
Description: USD/PLN 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDPLN.Y
Description: USD/RON 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.1
Description: USD/RON 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.2
Description: USD/RON 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.3
Description: USD/RON 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.4
Description: USD/RON 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.5
Description: USD/RON 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.6
Description: USD/RON 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.7
Description: USD/RON Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDRON.A
Description: USD/RON 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDRON.B
Description: USD/RON 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDRON.C
Description: USD/RON 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDRON.D
Description: USD/RON 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.E
Description: USD/RON 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.G
Description: USD/RON 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.H
Description: USD/RON 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.J
Description: USD/RON 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.K
Description: USD/RON 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.M
Description: USD/RON 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.N
Description: USD/RON Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDRON.O
Description: USD/RON 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.Q
Description: USD/RON Spot Forward
Symbol: USDRON.S
Description: USD/RON 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.U
Description: USD/RON 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.V
Description: USD/RON 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDRON.X
Description: USD/RON 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDRON.Y
Description: USD/SAR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.1
Description: USD/SAR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.2
Description: USD/SAR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.3
Description: USD/SAR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.4
Description: USD/SAR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.5
Description: USD/SAR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.6
Description: USD/SAR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.7
Description: USD/SAR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.A
Description: USD/SAR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.B
Description: USD/SAR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.C
Description: USD/SAR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.D
Description: USD/SAR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.E
Description: USD/SAR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.G
Description: USD/SAR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.H
Description: USD/SAR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.J
Description: USD/SAR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.K
Description: USD/SAR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.M
Description: USD/SAR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.N
Description: USD/SAR Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.O
Description: USD/SAR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.Q
Description: USD/SAR Spot Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.S
Description: USD/SAR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.U
Description: USD/SAR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.V
Description: USD/SAR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.X
Description: USD/SAR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSAR.Y
Description: USD/SEK 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.1
Description: USD/SEK 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.2
Description: USD/SEK 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.3
Description: USD/SEK 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.4
Description: USD/SEK 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.5
Description: USD/SEK 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.6
Description: USD/SEK 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.7
Description: USD/SEK Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.A
Description: USD/SEK 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.B
Description: USD/SEK 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.C
Description: USD/SEK 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.D
Description: USD/SEK 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.E
Description: USD/SEK 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.G
Description: USD/SEK 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.H
Description: USD/SEK 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.J
Description: USD/SEK 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.K
Description: USD/SEK 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.M
Description: USD/SEK 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.N
Description: USD/SEK Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.O
Description: USD/SEK 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.Q
Description: USD/SEK Spot Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.S
Description: USD/SEK 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.U
Description: USD/SEK 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.V
Description: USD/SEK 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.X
Description: USD/SEK 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSEK.Y
Description: USD/SGD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.1
Description: USD/SGD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.2
Description: USD/SGD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.3
Description: USD/SGD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.4
Description: USD/SGD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.5
Description: USD/SGD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.6
Description: USD/SGD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.7
Description: USD/SGD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.A
Description: USD/SGD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.B
Description: USD/SGD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.C
Description: USD/SGD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.D
Description: USD/SGD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.E
Description: USD/SGD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.G
Description: USD/SGD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.H
Description: USD/SGD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.J
Description: USD/SGD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.K
Description: USD/SGD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.M
Description: USD/SGD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.N
Description: USD/SGD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.O
Description: USD/SGD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.Q
Description: USD/SGD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.S
Description: USD/SGD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.U
Description: USD/SGD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.V
Description: USD/SGD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.X
Description: USD/SGD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDSGD.Y
Description: USD/THB 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.1
Description: USD/THB 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.2
Description: USD/THB 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.3
Description: USD/THB 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.4
Description: USD/THB 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.5
Description: USD/THB 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.6
Description: USD/THB 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.7
Description: USD/THB Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.A
Description: USD/THB 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.B
Description: USD/THB 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.C
Description: USD/THB 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.D
Description: USD/THB 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.E
Description: USD/THB 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.G
Description: USD/THB 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.H
Description: USD/THB 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.J
Description: USD/THB 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.K
Description: USD/THB 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.M
Description: USD/THB 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.N
Description: USD/THB Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.O
Description: USD/THB 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.Q
Description: USD/THB Spot Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.S
Description: USD/THB 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.U
Description: USD/THB 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.V
Description: USD/THB 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.X
Description: USD/THB 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTHB.Y
Description: USD/TRY 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.1
Description: USD/TRY 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.2
Description: USD/TRY 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.3
Description: USD/TRY 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.4
Description: USD/TRY 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.5
Description: USD/TRY 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.6
Description: USD/TRY 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.7
Description: USD/TRY Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.A
Description: USD/TRY 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.B
Description: USD/TRY 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.C
Description: USD/TRY 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.D
Description: USD/TRY 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.E
Description: USD/TRY 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.G
Description: USD/TRY 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.H
Description: USD/TRY 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.J
Description: USD/TRY 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.K
Description: USD/TRY 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.M
Description: USD/TRY 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.N
Description: USD/TRY Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.O
Description: USD/TRY 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.Q
Description: USD/TRY Spot Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.S
Description: USD/TRY 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.U
Description: USD/TRY 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.V
Description: USD/TRY 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.X
Description: USD/TRY 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTRY.Y
Description: USD/TWD 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.1
Description: USD/TWD 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.2
Description: USD/TWD 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.3
Description: USD/TWD 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.4
Description: USD/TWD 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.5
Description: USD/TWD 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.6
Description: USD/TWD 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.7
Description: USD/TWD Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.A
Description: USD/TWD 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.B
Description: USD/TWD 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.C
Description: USD/TWD 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.D
Description: USD/TWD 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.E
Description: USD/TWD 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.G
Description: USD/TWD 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.H
Description: USD/TWD 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.J
Description: USD/TWD 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.K
Description: USD/TWD 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.M
Description: USD/TWD 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.N
Description: USD/TWD Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.O
Description: USD/TWD 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.Q
Description: USD/TWD Spot Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.S
Description: USD/TWD 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.U
Description: USD/TWD 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.V
Description: USD/TWD 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.X
Description: USD/TWD 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDTWD.Y
Description: USD/ZAR 1-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.1
Description: USD/ZAR 2-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.2
Description: USD/ZAR 3-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.3
Description: USD/ZAR 4-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.4
Description: USD/ZAR 5-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.5
Description: USD/ZAR 6-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.6
Description: USD/ZAR 7-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.7
Description: USD/ZAR Tomorrow Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.A
Description: USD/ZAR 1-Week Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.B
Description: USD/ZAR 2-Week Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.C
Description: USD/ZAR 3-Week Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.D
Description: USD/ZAR 1-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.E
Description: USD/ZAR 2-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.G
Description: USD/ZAR 3-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.H
Description: USD/ZAR 4-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.J
Description: USD/ZAR 5-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.K
Description: USD/ZAR 6-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.M
Description: USD/ZAR 7-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.N
Description: USD/ZAR Overnight Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.O
Description: USD/ZAR 8-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.Q
Description: USD/ZAR Spot Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.S
Description: USD/ZAR 9-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.U
Description: USD/ZAR 10-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.V
Description: USD/ZAR 11-Month Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.X
Description: USD/ZAR 10-Year Forward
Symbol: USDZAR.Y
Description: British Pound/Laos Kips
Symbol: ^GBPLAK
Description: Antillean Guilder/British Pound
Symbol: ^ANGGBP
Description: British Pound/Antillean Guilder
Symbol: ^GBPANG
Description: Jamaican Dollar/Euro
Symbol: ^JMDEUR
Description: Euro/Antillean Guilder
Symbol: ^EURANG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Venezuelan Bolivars
Symbol: ^USDVES
Description: Venezuelan Bolivar/Euro
Symbol: ^VESEUR
Description: Venezuelan Bolivar/British Pound
Symbol: ^VESGBP
Description: Enezuelan Bolivar/U.S. Dollar
Symbol: ^VESUSD
Description: British Pound/Guinean Franc
Symbol: ^GBPGNF
Description: British Pound/Cambodian Riel
Symbol: ^GBPKHR
Description: British Pound/Malagasy Ariary
Symbol: ^GBPMGA
Description: British Pound/Myanmar Kyat
Symbol: ^GBPMMK
Description: British Pound/Paraguayan Guarani
Symbol: ^GBPPYG
Description: U.S. Dollar/Ugandan Shilling
Symbol: ^USDUGX
Description: Euro/Maltese Lira
Symbol: ^EURMTL
Description: British Pound/Maltese Lira
Symbol: ^GBPMTL
Description: Maltese Lira/British Pound
Symbol: ^MTLGBP
Description: Euro/Special Drawing Rights
Symbol: ^EURXDR
Description: Brazilian Real/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^BRLCNY
Description: Chinese Yuan/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^CNYBRL
Description: Chinese Yuan/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^CNYRUB
Description: Danish Krone/Russian Ruble
Symbol: ^DKKRUB
Description: Russian Ruble/Norwegian Krone
Symbol: ^RUBNOK
Description: ECB Eur/Aud
Symbol: ^ECBAUD
Description: ECB Eur/Bgn
Symbol: ^ECBBGN
Description: ECB Eur/Brl
Symbol: ^ECBBRL
Description: ECB Eur/Cad
Symbol: ^ECBCAD
Description: ECB Eur/Chf
Symbol: ^ECBCHF
Description: ECB Eur/Cny
Symbol: ^ECBCNY
Description: ECB Eur/Czk
Symbol: ^ECBCZK
Description: ECB Eur/Dkk
Symbol: ^ECBDKK
Description: ECB Eur/Gbp
Symbol: ^ECBGBP
Description: ECB Eur/Hkd
Symbol: ^ECBHKD
Description: ECB Eur/Hrk
Symbol: ^ECBHRK
Description: ECB Eur/Huf
Symbol: ^ECBHUF
Description: ECB Eur/Idr
Symbol: ^ECBIDR
Description: ECB Eur/Ils
Symbol: ^ECBILS
Description: ECB Eur/Inr
Symbol: ^ECBINR
Description: ECB Eur/Isk
Symbol: ^ECBISK
Description: ECB Eur/Jpy
Symbol: ^ECBJPY
Description: ECB Eur/Krw
Symbol: ^ECBKRW
Description: ECB Eur/Mxn
Symbol: ^ECBMXN
Description: ECB Eur/Myr
Symbol: ^ECBMYR
Description: ECB Eur/Nok
Symbol: ^ECBNOK
Description: ECB Eur/Nzd
Symbol: ^ECBNZD
Description: ECB Eur/Php
Symbol: ^ECBPHP
Description: ECB Eur/Pln
Symbol: ^ECBPLN
Description: ECB Eur/Ron
Symbol: ^ECBRON
Description: ECB Eur/Sek
Symbol: ^ECBSEK
Description: ECB Eur/Sgd
Symbol: ^ECBSGD
Description: ECB Eur/Thb
Symbol: ^ECBTHB
Description: ECB Eur/Try
Symbol: ^ECBTRY
Description: ECB Eur/Usd
Symbol: ^ECBUSD
Description: ECB Eur/Zar
Symbol: ^ECBZAR
Description: Egyptian Pound/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^EGPBRL
Description: Croatian Kuna/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^HRKBRL
Description: Hungarian Forint/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^HUFBRL
Description: Malaysian Ringgit/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^MYRBRL
Description: Norwegian Krone/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^NOKBRL
Description: New Zealand Dollar/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^NZDBRL
Description: Polish Zloty/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^PLNBRL
Description: Russian Ruble/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^RUBBRL
Description: Swedish Krona/Brazilian Real
Symbol: ^SEKBRL
Description: Sina Singapore Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^SSGDCN
Description: Sina U.S. Dollar/Chinese Yuan
Symbol: ^SUSDCN
Description: Sina U.S. Dollar/Turkish New Lira
Symbol: ^SUSDTR

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