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Default TD Ameritrade API access requirement


I came across few posts online that you cannot get access to TD Ameritrade API
and by consequence cannot access TD Ameritrade from a 3rd party software
Unless your account with them meet the following criteria

- A TD Ameritrade account with either an account value of $500,000 or more OR 30 trades per quarter
- A legacy “green” TD Ameritrade account. “Orange” accounts do not have access to the TD Ameritrade API. If you are not sure which of the two your account is, if you can log in to and you can launch Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite and receive quotes in each, the account is a legacy “green” account.

Is this still true? Is it applicable to Sierrachart?

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Default Re: TD Ameritrade API access requirement

None of this is true. Sierra Chart will connect to your TD Ameritrade account even if it is not funded At least that's our own experience. Our account has always had less than 100 USD in it and for a while did not have anything.

And now they do allow access through their API to all account types including the orange accounts which have an association with Think or Swim.

If you have connection trouble, just let us know and we will find out from TD Ameritrade about your specific account.
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