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Default Market Structure MSL/MSH labeling

I have loaded the study, Market Structure MSL/MSH and set the labels so that it shows HH, LH etc.

However the HH and LH labels only appear on up bars, even if there is a down bar which set a new high before closing lower.

Is there anyway of changing the settings so that the HH or LH labels appear at the highest points even if that bar then closes lower.

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Default Re: Market Structure MSL/MSH labeling

This study is designed to do exactly what it is designed to do. So you may have an expectation beyond what it's intended to do. We do not yet have documentation on exactly how the study identifies where the labels are drawn. You may want to look at the source code for it. You can find it in the ACS_Source folder in the folder where you have installed Sierra Chart to. That's the only help we can offer.
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